Backpage Isn’t All About Escort Ads. They Have Gun Ads Too.

Backpage gets a lot of press for its adult services categories, but another section that’s worth noting is the “Sports Equipment for Sale” section. Here are some examples of items for sale:

AR-15 rifles:

ar-15 on Backpage

Bulk sales of 30-round magazines for AR-15 rifles. Only $8.49 if you buy 100+ at a time. Granted, it would suck if a deer got away before you could get off your 3,000th round for the kill shot.

30 round AR-15 Magazines

And 75-round drums for AK-47s (for when 30 rounds isn’t nearly enough).

AK 75 Round Drum

Here are two videos showing off the 75-round drum. First, a guy who shows what it’s like to be staring down the barrel of a gun being fired with one of these attached:

And a rapid-fire (75 rounds in 9 seconds) example:

What could possibly go wrong?

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