Straw Sucking Suburban Commuter Diets

Clay Christensen shares a story about the popularity of milkshakes for breakfast during long morning commutes. They’re both something to eat and something to do while bumper-to-bumpering from the exurbs. For me, this is a good reminder of why I prefer reverse commutes or no commute.

I’ve heard similar stories about coffee shops in the exurbs which open much earlier than urban locations so people can get their blended drinks and start their straw sucking commutes.

Choosing a long commute is choosing to lock in a fixed amount of sedentary time into your day. Time when you can raise your blood pressure due to the driving frustrations. And plenty of time for mindless eating behind the steering wheel.

Granted, I’ve heard people say that they like having a long commute because it gives them time to relax between work and home. It sounds like they’re in the wrong job or family to me, but those are their choices.

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