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After reading about a purple sombrero wearing Vikings fan who can’t control his fists, I took a look at the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s homepage:

That’s not a special Packers section of the paper. That’s the homepage.

The Top Stories on the site include:

– Packers mull options on offensive line 6:00 AM
– Technical difficulties scrap Lambeau Field flyover video 6:16 AM

Then they offer headlines from sections of the site starting with Packers, followed by Sports:

Packers and Sports Sections

Strangely, the section after Sports is Lifestyle which sounds redundant with the Packers section to me.

Since Lambeau is an outdoor stadium, the Outdoors section of the paper also seems redundant. That is, until I saw the story about ice fishing:

Ice fishing: How to raise a sunken truck

Rather than running public service piece on how to avoid sinking your truck while ice fishing, the Green Bay Press-Gazette decided that their readers would benefit more from “Ice fishing: How to raise a sunken truck”.

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  1. It would seem to me the more difficult of the two tasks Ed posed would be raising a sunken truck.

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