An Update on Snipe Sign Spammer 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

I wrote back on September 26th about snipe sign spammer, 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355. At that time, I said:

Out of all of the real estate agents you could work with to sell your home in Minneapolis, why would you choose to work with a real estate agent who litters in your neighborhood?

Since then the snipe spamming hasn’t stopped. In fact, Sasha and I had a chance to take down fresh snipe from 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355 during a walk around the neighborhood on Monday.

612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355 Snipe

I managed to knock down three of the corrugated plastic signs using a 3-6′ extension painting pole. It’s not really designed to be used as a 6-foot bat, but it does the job.

This sniper has added bus shelter snipe spamming to the mix with spam posted in East Lake Street’s shelters. Those were easier to clean up.

Phone Number Reputation Update

Perhaps some people seeing his illegal signs with decide to Google this snipe spammers phone number before giving him a call? Or, at least before deciding to work with him? If so, here’s what they’ll see on Google as of today:

612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355 on Google

1. The Deets.
2. Johnny Northside’s Blog
3. A site that’s syndicated my blog post.
4. Minneapolis’ 311 Service report where I’ve been reporting snipe spam.
5. My Friendfeed account where my posts syndicated.

and in all numbers:

612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355 on Google

1. The Deets.
2. A site that’s syndicated my blog post.
3., where I’ve left the following review/complaint:

This person litters Minneapolis with illegal signs using the phone number 612-208-SELL on the signs. Please do not do business with people who litter in our beautiful city. There are far more reputable real estate agents in this town than this person. If you need a recommendation, I’d be happy to help.

4. Placeblogger, who syndicates this site.
5. My Friendfeed account where my posts syndicated.

Since this person uses an unlisted number and no brand on his sketchy sign his online reputation ends up being tied entirely to that phone number. Everyone’s phone number has an online reputation whether they’d like it or not. If you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s okay to litter in the City of Minneapolis even after being asked to stop, you’re the kind of person who’ll end up with a phone number with some negative publicity.

6 thoughts on “An Update on Snipe Sign Spammer 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355”

  1. So who answers the phone? You should set up a meeting with them, lure them out with the promise of a home to sell and get a picture to share.

  2. Time for some more search engine optimization. Posts with links and tags asking if this company employs convicted sex offenders and prostitutes to post their illegal signs. It’s possible. Someone with a history of ignoring the law must be doing it. Is Spanky Pete really Vice President for Community Outreach with 612-208-Sell?

  3. The Rat has been hearing tales of political yard sign defacement lately, particularly signs about that marriage amendment. I think that’s more insidious than snipe signs, which are, OK, illegal, but rise to little more than a petty annoyance.

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