Minnesota’s Meth Lab Locations

The National Clandestine Laboratory Register breaks it down. Here’s a look at the “clandestine” locations in Minnesota:

Meth Labs in Minnesota

This looks like primarily a rural problem. A look at the greater metro area shows that Michele Bachmann’s district is doing a lot more cooking than Ellison or McCollum’s:

I suppose that’s because it’s tough to run a meth lab in an urban area due to the smell. Good thing our rural legislators are focused on discriminating against gay people and disenfranchising poor and elderly voters rather than dealing with stuff like this, eh?

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  1. I was looking things a bit more in context, and recalled this nugget written by you:

    “But, if the whole state becomes as hateful and unwelcoming as those parts of the state, we may lose some of are smartest young people to states that respect fellow humans.”

    As someone who was born and raised a small town guy in Minnesota, I recall I was a bit taken aback by that. But I’ve lived in the city for awhile. I think I understand the rural/urban tension. The mistrust often mutual.

  2. @Rat, it looks like the context of my quote was the voting patterns of rural legislators on gay rights. As a smart person who’s left one of those areas of the state, surely you’ve noticed that life is not as good for gay people in rural areas as it is in Minneapolis.

    I’m not mistrusting rural Minnesotans based on some kind of rural/urban rivalry. That’s truly how they’ve voted, as the link above shows. If there’s tension, it’s caused by a debate over civil rights, where some parts of the state is a a decade or two ahead of the rest (if that much).

  3. Interesting. Here are the busts by year according to the DOJ:

    2004 58
    2005 27
    2006 11
    2007 10
    2008 8
    2009 0
    2010 0
    2011 1
    2012 ?

    The DOJ report is from Feb 2011 but it clearly shows reported lab activity declining.

    One lab (from the DPS report) was busted by the BWCA Task Force. I really hope there was some kind of canoe/portage chase involved.


  4. @Daniel, I hope we can assume that a drop in busts correlates with a drop in activity. @Rat’s link pointed out that 1/5th of the meth seized in 2011 came from one bust in Ramsey County, so maybe the boutique labs are being replaced with Breaking Bad scale facilities or drug imports?

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