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I screwed up. Out of curiosity, I filled out a form on what I thought was an informational mortgage website in order to see rates I may qualify for these days. But, instead of receiving rate info online (as promised), instead of having my privacy respected (as promised)1., I immediately received a barrage of phone calls and emails from lenders who this scummy company sold my information to.

I became a lead without my permission.

One of the companies that called me was Freedom Mortgage. They called from a Hastings, MN phone number (651-829-3263), but have no office in Hastings. In fact, no reference to Freedom Mortgage popped up when I Googled the number that showed up on caller ID (SKETCHY!).

I explained to the woman who called me that I had filled out a form online looking for data, but ended up receiving a ton of calls from people like her. She, like every other mortgage broker who called me, chose to ignore this nugget of information and jumped into her sales script.

I explained to her that her company must be partnering with a scammy company. She took offense at this and explained that her company has a perfect rating with the BBB. Ratings at are far different.

So, I asked her how she got my name. She couldn’t explain that.

If you’re going to take offense when I accuse you of partnering with a scammy lead generation company that misleads people into turning themselves in for borderline predatory mortgage sales calls, be sure that you have your story straight. She did not.

Seven minutes into this exercise in futility, I remembered that I could record this exchange for quality assurance. After telling me that she was going to hang up on me because I accused her company of working with sleazy companies, she once again failed to explain how her company got my name:

This is an extraordinarily powerful feature in Google Voice. For incoming calls (incoming only) you can record your calls by pressing 4. Google then announces to both parties that the call is being recorded, then then magic begins.

1. I read a blog post on Zillow that recommended the website that sold my information. I’ve since Googled the company and have found that their domain no longer shows up in google search results (even when type their domain name into the search engine. That gives me a sense of how scammy this service is / has become.) Note to self: think twice before trusting Zillow in the future.

3 thoughts on “Freedom Mortgage Complaints / Reviews / BBB”

  1. Oh, she’s fun. I love dealing with people like that.

    If you’re looking for mortgage info, Ed, email me and I’ll hook you up with a very reputable, above board neighbor of mine that works with a variety of lenders.

    She helped us out with our refi this summer and there was absolutely no sales pressure, just help making sure we got the best rate and terms possible.

  2. @Luke, thanks for the offer. As you seem to know, there is a wide range of talent and credibility in the lending industry. I forgot to mention to her that I’ve already locked in on a new refi. I suppose that could have saved her some time on the phone. Oh well.

  3. I made the mistake of filling out a lending tree form a couple years ago just out of curiosity. I’m still getting junk email from mortgage companies in Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, and who knows where else….

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