Five Websites I Like

Here are five sites that I like:

Brightnest: Tell the site about your home, then receive recommendations on what types of routine maintenance you should consider doing. It keeps of log of what you’ve done, which could be valuable when you get around to selling since you can prove that you’re leaving the home in better shape that you bought it. It also offers easy storage of your appliance owners manuals. Just tell it the makes and models and it will find them for you online for easy lookup.

Coursera: Free online classes from universities. I’m taking a class at Princeton right now on networks that’s really interesting (to me at least). Udemy is another good option for online classes, although I think Coursera’s a step above in terms of quality and accountability. Track your credit score over time and get some insights into what factors are influencing your score. Free. This is a fun place to learn about Minneapolis history. For example, I found that the Minneapolis City Council approved the acquisition of the land for 31st St E from 28th Ave S to 46th Ave S on January 31, 1919. It’s on Page 72 of Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Minneapolis, Volume 45. This site reports the most retweeted/fav’d tweets on Twitter. It’s a good place to go for a laugh. You can look up a person’s best-ofs by Twitter username, like this:

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