Faces of Snipe: 612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355

612-208-SELL / (612) 208-7355 Spam

I’ve recently been busy reporting snipe spam signs in the Longfellow neighborhood for 612-208-SELL / 612-208-7355. This person has been littering Minneapolis’ neighborhoods with his predatory real estate spam for nearly three years, based on this post from Johnny Northside where the same phone number was being used on signs in November of 2009. (The city’s handling of snipe violation could use some improvements if a business can go this long without getting the hint.)

Out of all of the real estate agents you could work with to sell your home in Minneapolis, why would you choose to work with a real estate agent who litters in your neighborhood? If Minneapolis is anywhere near the national average, there are more than 1,000 real estate agents living in the City of Minneapolis. That’s not counting people living in surrounding cities who could buy/sell real estate in Minneapolis.

Out of more than 1,000 agents, choosing to work with someone who litters the neighborhood you currently live in is a really poor decision.

It gets worse.

I ran a reverse lookup on this snipe spammer’s number to find out who’s behind this litter:

612-208-SELL Spam

So here we have a person who’s willing to litter North and South Minneapolis with illegal snipe advertising, who uses an unlisted phone number to solicit leads from those illegal signs. Is this the type of person you’d trust for one of the largest financial transactions you’ve ever made? When there are so many legitimate real estate agents who are willing to stand behind their own name, this decision seems obvious to me.

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