How to Prepare for Your First Child

A friend of mine who’s close to having kid #1 asked me about this. I don’t know much about about this topic, but have some recent experience so here it goes:

Anything you wish you’d done differently during the first weeks?

Pack your bag now. Sasha arrived a month early and I ended up a little under prepared clothes wise at the hospital.

The chair that converted to a sleeper for dads was pretty bad. If I did that over, I would bring my camping mattress which isn’t great but is at least level when on a level surface.

Friends really want to lend support but also worry about being too intrusive. It’s tough to schedule around feedings and getting rest, but if you put a friend or two on call for a visit each day you’ll get a chance to have an adult conversation.

Take some video of your newborn in the first few days. They will never sound like that again.

Sleep whenever you can. The early feeding cycles are no joke so get sleep whenever you can.

Is there anything you are SO thankful that you had done?

I brought my briefcase with me which worked out awesome since I roll with a power strip and extension cord. There are a lot of outlets in the rooms, but not necessarily where you’d like them.

If there is somewhere you can grab food other than the hospital, do it. Order something in or ask a friend to hook you up if there isn’t anything good nearby.

Sasha was born a bit early and needed to put on some weight. We were very strict about tracking how much she ate, which gave us confidence that she was on the right track. It may have been a bit obsessive but it gave us peace of mind.

Get out of the house. Sasha can sleep through just about anything. She’s been out on a ton of long walks, for dinner, to visit friends and relatives.

That said, don’t be afraid to say no. You’ll be more tired than you realize.

Amazon is super convenient for just about anything you could need.

Swaddling is awesome. Kids love to be snug.

Act competent at the doctor’s office. I think this is the path to VIP service.

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  1. Just two things:

    -Swaddling is not awesome. Both of my kids hated it from the get-go.

    -This may be more for those just visiting people with newborns, but one of the best gifts to show up with is a fully cooked meal. Read food + adult conversation = You’re now the parents’ best friends.

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