Why is Stephen Ray Stealing Images and Lying to His Readers?

UPDATE: Stephen Ray has removed the image he took from my site along with the misleading link. He’s doing better on the copyright theft angle, but still has a way to go on homosexual bigotry. It’s a start.

A self-described Catholic convert who uses his religious beliefs to justify discriminating against gay people recently wrote a post on his blog where he referenced a post on The Deets.

In his post, he used an image I had created, took it painfully out of context, then linked to a post I wrote where he blatantly mislead his audience about the content of the post.

His topic? Target Corporation’s stance on gay rights, including their current sale of Pride shirts through their website.

My topic? Target Corporation’s response to a blogger who was concerned about an advertisement that could be considered inappropriate.

In Stephen Ray’s post, We Should All Target Target: Calling all Catholics, other Christians and Sensible People, he calls on bigots to boycott Target:

Why would a big corporation trying to sell to the wide cross-section of America alienate a huge part of their customers? Stupidity or pressure from the Gay Lobby is probably the answer.

We used to buy a lot at Target as a family with ten grandchildren. But, as of today we will NOT set foot in a Target store again until they apologize and change their position.

They have begun to support and promote the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and other perverse lifestyles.

Within Ray’s bigoted post is a picture of me that he stole from my blog to complement his bigoted ramblings. Apparently, discriminating against gay people and stealing images are both cool in Stephen Ray’s brand of cafeteria Catholicism.

He also links to a post I wrote about a previous controversy Target had when they brushed off a concerned parent (and blogger) who contacted the company about ads she found racy. My post from January 2008 is titled “Target Snubs Offended Parent Who Blogs“. That article makes no mention of gender identity since it had NOTHING to do with the topic on the post. Yet, when Stephen Ray linked to that article, he described the story like this: Target “Snubs Parents who Blog about their Support of Gays”.

I don’t know why Stephen Ray thinks lying to his audience is a Catholic principle, but that’s exactly what he did with his post. He stole an image from my blog, then lied to his audience about the content of my blog post in order to influecne their bigotry.

I left the following comment on Mr. Ray’s blog which currently sits in moderation:

You stole an image from my blog, then lied to your audience about the contents of the post on my blog that you linked to. Do you believe this is appropriate behavior from a self-described Catholic?

I don’t expect that to go live.

While I don’t expect a bigot like Stephen Ray to change his bigoted ways, it would be nice if he at least didn’t steal images and lie to his readers about the content of other blogs. Is that too much to ask? I’d hope not.

8 thoughts on “Why is Stephen Ray Stealing Images and Lying to His Readers?”

  1. reading Mr Ray’s writing I would not be too suprised to find that him compromised in a homosexual relationship. Since he’s not a public figure we won’t hear about it. It seems that a large number of people who come out with hatred and use the “pervert” word to describe Gays, soon or later wind up “coming out”, or are “outed” anyway. My Gadar is buzzing…

  2. I stopped by the referenced blog and came across an explanation of their family’s conversion process to Catholicism. It was very informative, at least in terms of illustrating how some religions warp their followers.

    “The Rays bought every book on the ancient Church they could find and also began reading about the early Church fathers. “We found out the early Church was Catholic, it wasn’t Protestant,” Janet Ray said. “We were taught it was Protestant,” she explained.”

    It is hard to understand such obviously deficient thought processes. They perhaps are based on blind belief and ignorance of history. The etymological roots of the word protestantism lie in the Protestation at Speyer in 1529, precipitated in the beginning by Martin Luther. Believing that the early church was Protestant implies either not knowing anything about the roots of Protestantism; or perhaps just having no idea of history. Amazingly (not really) there was a suspicion that someone (another evil religion) had perverted the church and it’s doctrines.

    ” Steve Ray said they questioned the thinking of the early Church fathers, assuming they were Protestant in their theology and that “the Catholics corrupted it all later on as the centuries went awry.””

    That would be a disturbing thought to have. Wait, it was a lie. I hope it wasn’t told in church. Or was it just a baseless assumption, based on nothing but suspicion of the other? Certainly not based on the previous distortion, was it?

    Fortunately, for people who need to be told what to think, they have now found something else they can be sure is the infallible truth. In the form of the Catholic Church.

    “Steve Ray said his children appreciate the stability and authority of the Church, even though it is tougher to be a Catholic. “The Catholic Church is tough because it says, this is the truth,” he noted. “We’re not going to change it for the next generation that come along, just because a generation becomes lax in it’s morals…. God doesn’t change, neither should His truth change.””

    Some people like to be told what to think, and the people who like to tell others what to think always tell the truth.
    This is especially true when delivering the true word of God.
    The previous excerpts are from The Ray Family’s Conversion to the Catholic Church and are quoted for purposes of commentary and criticism. The full post may be read at the above link.

    The part about Jesus leaving an authoritative church, which later was inspired to write an authoritative book, what could go wrong with that?

  3. Wow- interesting that they didn’t know the early Church was Catholic. The early church was Christian.. meaning there’s wasn’t a divide until after the Protestant revolution, something they would have all known had they not homeschooled their kids and actually studied history instead of being told what to believe.
    Simple minds need simple solutions sometimes. I still hold that Steve’s a closeted homosexual who is feeling guilty about his desire and thus takes it out on others, and has manipulated relgion to look for approval for his hatred.

  4. My social theory is that homeschooling will increase homosexuality instead of reduce it, since the socialization occurring in schools is part of what places the peer pressure fear in young people is what steers gay-curious people into the mainstream of heterosexual relationships.

    To severely reduce socialization by homeschooling, that limiting their exposure to a single-minded core family group will leave the youth under-developed in social relationships…until they finally pop out of the nest into the larger world with hormones raging and then good luck, eh?

  5. Update…I am now considered to be a ‘prime example of a disciple from the dark side’….

    I also have control of the weather now and feel a storm coming on.

  6. I got an email response from Steve Ray. The subject was “You asked on my blog is I liked the video…” The body was, “…by Matthew Vine. I read the transcript and did not like it at all since it is manipulative and incorrect on MANY fronts. I will hope to dissect it piece by piece some day but have no time now.” I’m unsure why he won’t post it as a comment.

  7. Yes, he also is not posting my comment where I asked him why the christian golden rule of ‘do unto others’ does not apply to this situation, and why he feels above the gospel dictum of ‘judge not’…no email explaining his views, but perhaps he will also “dissect that piece by piece some day but have no time now” address this later.

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