3 Unanswered Vikings Stadium Planning & Financing Questions #wilfare

Here are some questions I haven’t been able to find answers to regarding the Vikings stadium plans and financing schemes. To me, these are things that would be worth understanding BEFORE offering to pay for the stadium:

1. Will the stadium be as multi-use as the Metrodome? I didn’t see any mentions of running or rollerblading in the stadium bills. I mentioned that it would be worth getting this into writing to a few legislators, but it didn’t seem to happen. Is there any guarantee that the stadium will be built with running and rollerblading friendly concourses? If not, we were sold on a building based on its multi-use potential that would support dozens and dozens fewer events than the existing, paid for, Metrodome.

2. How will non-Vikings events be accommodated during construction? The Vikings are planning to use the U of MN’s stadium. What are the plans for college baseball, high school football, runners, rollerbladers, etc.?

3. Who profits from e-pulltab device manufacturing and leasing? The stadium bill says that the devices will be leased to bars. I asked Rep. John Kriesel, the gambling bill’s author, who would benefit from this government created business. He never addressed this. Someone’s going to make millions off this, but the public has no idea who. I bet Rep. John Kriesel and others know. Why haven’t they told us?

What would you add?

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  1. Um, yeah… Whom do the Vikings expect to lease/sell 150 skyboxes and 7500 club seats to?

    Economic/demographic trends for MN are for:
    * aging, slightly declining population (with retirees living on way less than they anticipated)
    * declining rates, delayed age of marriage — more singles, fewer families
    * significant GLBT population
    * rise of independent/contract workers vs. union/big corps
    * more women as household breadwinners
    * greater education and purchasing power of women

    Vikings have failed to reach out many of these groups. If anything recent events & superfans have had negative effect.

    We’ve seen this movie before — gov subsidizes/backs overbuilding and over-luxury, there are not enough buyers, bubble bursts, we all hurt for a long time.

  2. I would add to #3: Who regulates the bar betting; liquor control board, or lottery commission? Or would it be shared regulation.

    biofille – Good points. It surprises me that around the league the luxury boxes get filled. By somebody. If I had that cash, would I buy into watching Zygi’s presently mediocre product at a big ticket cost? Not likely. But you know you will hear that if you do not move quickly the boxes will be all sold – snapped up so fast that you will have to wait for someone to die and to inherit box rights. It will be said. Will it be true?

    The only place I saw that actual scenario was for public moorage space in Seattle. Lots of boats. Fewer slots.

    I guess the related questions would be:

    4. When it gets built, what will the actual supply/demand picture be for seating and luxury boxes?

    5. Will they raid the general fund or go to user fees if the e-gambling revenue is inadequate; a sub-question of whether the e-gambling will over time prove sufficient to pay off the bonds for the stadium, Target Center alterations, and the bribe money going to St. Paul?

    My bet, the hindquarters in the boxes will NOT be the horses’ hindquarters in purple and gold that were at the legislature.

    They jiggered around a number of present revenue streams for the State, and they will have to raise other funds for the general fund to bridge the gap; and you can bet none of the stadium voting legislators will say peep about why there are going to be new taxes. They already have raided the general funds and existing revenue flows; and will have to compensate even if general funds do not go directly from future general funds to Wilfare debt service. If they could do the shell game once at the outset, expect it again.

  3. My unanswered question is–
    how did we degrade to the point where public subsidies of profitable private businesses became important?

    When I was a simple employee, one of the lessons I learned was
    ‘forget what your boss tells you is important, rather focus on what they reward you with at review time’…because the biggest disconnect then was that they would tell you ‘x’ was important, but then their reviews wouldn’t reward ‘x’, they would only reward ‘y’.

    And here we are in America, where x and y are so confused that neither are rewarded…and then pundits wonder why nothing improves…that is the state of the NFL…nothing improves, it just gets more expensive, especially to the common fan and the local host community.

    Stadiums cost 5x more than 1990, but is the NFL 5x more entertaining…I don’t think so, why do you?

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