Letters to The Deets: Vikings Stadium #wilfare

Below are examples of letters I’ve received from readers during the Vikings stadium debate with names and personally identifying information removed.

I’m sure you’re taking a lot of heat from stadium proponents. Even though I am one, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I’ll say thank you. Even though we were on opposite sides of this issue, I enjoyed reading your posts and tweets and respected your opinions. You stood up for what you believed in, and were influential on a lot of people. You deserve credit for that.

The deal isn’t perfect, but it was revised to be a better deal for the taxpayers and it keeps the Vikings here. You sent me an email a while back saying you felt the deal would get done, but it would be in Minneapolis and the Wilf’s would have to kick in some more money. You were right on both those accounts.

So again, even as a proponent of this stadium bill, I want to thank you for your work. It should be admired and respected.

Go Vikes

Awesome, Ed. Thanks. And god bless you for dealing with all the crazed Vikings fans up there. It’s been impressive to watch you against the masses.

I’m not writing to you to debate the stadium issue–let’s just agree that you’re not going to change my opinion, and I’m not going to change yours.

I just wanted to write you and tell you that although we don’t agree on the stadium, I appreciate your political passion on this, and I respect the fact that you doggedly defend it. If more people were as politically active as you are, I think this country would be a lot better off.

Hopefully, that’s something we can both agree on.

I would wish you luck this week, but that would mean defeat for me, which would make me damn near disconsolate. Hope you understand.

Been following your exploits on TwinCities.com, the StarTribune, and, more recently, The Deets. All I can say is that you’re a better man than me. It’s amazing the way Vikings fans have been indoctrinated by the team to carry so much water. Your patience and persistence is admirable. I usually follow discussions on the Strib site as _______ and It seems like their readers are more balanced. The TwinCities.com readers are, to be frank, pretty ignorant about the whole stadium situation. You pretty much get abused by people who are “supporting their team” and are then accused of abusing Vikings fans. There’s so much “straw-man” argument on that site I think it’s going to burst into flames one day.

To my main point, I just wanted to send you out an email to thank you and encourage to to continue.

I read the deets this morning and found the “true” cost both astonishing and irritating. Thanks for getting this info out.

I stumbled upon The Deets over the weekend, and I just wanted to say “Thank you!” I have already referenced your columns in arguments with friends and shared articles on Facebook.

I am outraged with the proposed Vikings stadium. From what I can tell in your blog, you are not a fan either. I am a Ramsey County resident, and everyday I see the much needed projects that desperately need funding. The sad irony is that these projects would have direct impact to some of the neediest residents while a new stadium will do little for their cause.

I am writing to ask you what I can do to get involved. What sort of actions are citizens taking to put a halt to the super rich taking money from the super poor in the form of a regressive sales tax? I am reaching out to you because you seem to be a knowledgable, well-connected, and similarly outraged individual.

Thanks for any information you can provide. I will keep checking your blog.

Ed, shut the fuck up. Seriously. You have no idea what the financial situation would be. You can’t read the future, you can only predict. Your methods include nothing but 10 Vikings home games either. What about the rest? It’s sooo fucking sad that you are trying to go to great lengths to sabotage this whole situation which will be unsuccessful anyways. Truly sad. Get a fucking life you hipster douche bag.

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  1. After abandoning this blog for 10 days or so, a few observations might be in order about the Vikings Stadium now that it is a nearly done deal.

    1. How could the politicians be so stupid to approve a deal that Ed showed us the public didn’t want to support if it involved Wilfare? Most of the yes votes came from the DFL. The only people who could share the light of truth that Ed kept posting here were a small minority of DFLers and the TParty hard-line right. Only the right wing here had the guts to stand up for Ed’s principles. Or was Ed’s harping about what the public really wanted very offbase?

    2. I have changed my mind about the sales tax exemption. Since the legislature was successful in getting more money out of Zigy and has put a cap on his contribution along with a monopoly on bringing soccer and the cost overruns on the builders, there should be an amendment now to abolish the “sales tax exemption” that Ed complained about. I think it is good public policy to have the government charge sales tax to itself.

    3. The city council ought to reneg on using funds to improve the Target center and leave it alone. This way they can prove that Rybak was wrong to sponsor the Vikings because property taxes will go up and not down. This would prove Ed’s point about the select few properties around the stadium that will be taken off of property tax rolls.

    4. Who were the winners in this battle? The MIGA tribes for sure. They didn’t have to give up a nickel for the new stadium and they got expanded simulcast gambling at Mystic lake approved by both houses without any public hearing. This was a lot better for Mystic Lake than if they had to allow competition in the form of Racino to fund a new stadium in Arden Hills. And Minnepolis residents may not have figured it out yet that they were big winners too, because if the Vikings had moved to Arden Hills there would have been an eventual demolition of the existing Dome and zippo funds for taking Target center off of the backs of property tax payers (provided that council accepts it.)

    5. Who were the losers? Believe it or not, the Wilf’s who really have no stake in MN other than the Vikings. The Wilf’s were blocked by the NFL from selling the team to a LA owner for a big profit as long as there was legislative progress in getting a new stadium in MN. This is a market that the NFL wants to be in long term and it generates TV revenues. The Wilf’s would have been better off if the Tparty types prevailed and said hell no to the stadium because they then could have sold the team to an LA owner for perhaps a 200 million profit and the LA owner would eventually move the team as a stadium is built on the west coast. You might have heard Zigy say yesterday. “we’re staying.” He might have been crying underneath. This team cannot be sold out of MN for a long time to come and with the NFL loan to pay off and profit splitting with the State, Zigy might be stuck with a not too profitiable franchise here in MN.

    6. In the end the House committee that let Ed speak probably learned that IPhones cut into pull tab gambling. It wasn’t relevant to the final outcome….but it is a good thing when the legislators can acquire new information.

  2. Ed — Great job reporting on this. I sure wish our local news teams could have done the in-depth research you did. I signed the petition you posted on facebook.

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