Talking Vikings Stadium #Wilfare on The Rick Smith Show

I had a chance to talk about the transfer of wealth from Minnesotans to a New Jersey businessman via a publicly subsidized Vikings stadium on The Rick Smith Show tonight. Pennsylvania’s progressive talk radio listeners got to hear about how Minnesota progressives are working to transfer money to the 1%.

Thanks to Sumnums for recording the segment.

Download here.

In related news, Sank has a good post up about the challenges of being a Vikings fans, while not being able to ignore the finances of the current stadium bill.

He describes the same issue the legislature is dealing with. Unfortunately, based on tonight’s MN House floor session, it don’t seem to have figured out an agreeable way to offload the non-rational costs onto irrational fans who clearly see more value in the team than what can be justified at the state or city level.

I hope the Senate will continue to improve the bill from where it is today before it reaches the desk of the state’s #1 corporate welfare lobbyist, Mark Dayton.

4 thoughts on “Talking Vikings Stadium #Wilfare on The Rick Smith Show”

  1. The question that should be asked is after 18 years without an NFL
    franchise, how did Los Angeles survive? Did it dry up and blow away?

    It has done very well. It has increased in population since 1994,
    and probably more than the census tells us as it is near Mexico.
    It is rapidly expanding its transit system, freeways and infrastructure. It is becoming the TV capital of the world as well as the movie capitol, taking away the media industry from NYC.

    Contrast it to Minneapolis burdened by the NFL franchise vampire that has sucked the life out of many blocks around the Hump, that domed dirty pillow that has made the east side of downtown a wasteland.

    Get rid of the ViQueens. Then Minnesota will have bridges that do not fall into the Mississippi River, better transit, improved infrastructure, actual industries that have more than 46 employees and the pride of a city that can destroy any other city in the USA by spreading rumors that we will ‘steal’ their NFL franchise if they do not fork over the entire tax base for 30 years. The rest of the country will shake in there boots in fear. Except of course, LA.

  2. LA “is” becoming the movie capital of the world?

    Really, I guess Hollywood was just a ghost town until the NFL moved and LA was about the 40-50th largest city in the US before the NFL moved.

    The NFL is that powerful? I guess the oil and gas prices will go back to their same level of 18 years ago right? Just look at gas prices since the NFL left LA! Its for sure directly related just because I say so.

    By the way, the bill passed the state senate last night….

  3. Re: Teams moving

    Some of the most successful cities in the past dozen or so years have lost teams, or have few. Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Portland has high unemployment. Part of the reason is so many people want to move there; educated people.

    Smart, educated people aren’t moving to Portland because they invested in roads and stadiums …

    BTW Ed – Great interview!

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