Misplacing Vikings Stadium Financing Responsibilities #wilfare

Classic case of confusion over who’s responsible for financing the relationship between Vikings fans and the Minnesota Vikings:

@RepKurtZellers Voting against the #Vikings Stadium Bill means you want the team to leave. #shamefulandselfish

Seriously, he’s calling a state legislator shameful and selfish if he’s not willing to vote to extract money from the state’s citizens through regressive gambling and sales taxes in order to subsidize Vikings tickets to the tune of $77 per ticket for 30 years.

If Zygi decided to move the team if MN won’t give him $1.6 billion worth of corporate welfare over 30 years, who’s decision was it to leave?

If fans decide that they are not willing to pay ticket prices high enough for Zygi to make the kind of money he’d like to make, who’s decided to not make Wilf more money?

Even stranger is the juxtaposition of that tweet vs. his prior tweet (only 8 minutes earlier):

Sen. Ortman wanted 2 give businesses a tax cut w/her bill, but where's the make-up taxes going 2 come from? The taxpayers. #Vikings

Apparently, it’s not good to give tax breaks to Minnesota’s businesses (which would need to be made up for by other taxpayers), but it’s good to extract money from taxpayers in order to give it to a business owned by a guy in New Jersey.

I’m really struggling to make sense of this purple tainted logic.

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