A Reality Based Look at Vikings Stadium Concessions Revenue #wilfare

Vikings fans like to talk about how much money they spend when they go to games. They’re real high rollers, ya see. We’d be idiots to not pay for a stadium that they can throw money around in, right?

Well, the MSFC’s annual report suggests otherwise. Take at look at the concessions revenues at games:

Concessions Revenue

This past season, the average person attending a Vikings game spent $11.09 on concessions. Eleven dollars and nine cents. To me, this says “people will have something to eat whether they are at a Vikings game or not, but not necessarily more than they’d eat anywhere else, even accounting for the higher prices at NFL games.”

We would be spending $1.6 billion over 30 years (between construction costs, debt payments, operating costs, and capital improvements [not even counting property tax and construction marterials exemptions]) to steer 58,000 people’s eating and drinking to one business’ state authorized, hand picked, and subsidized, location 10 days per year at the expense of thousands of other MN businesses those people could have eaten or had a beer during those times.

This report also shows that an average of 3,050 people who’ve purchased Vikings tickets don’t bother to show up, or even bother to give away their tickets, based on the differences between purchased tickets and turnstile turns.

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