The People’s ATM Machines in the Vikings Stadium #wilfare

Here’s another interesting nugget from the Indianapolis Colt’s corporate welfare deal for their stadium. The people built the stadium, but the team controls the ATM machines:

Were a stadium to be a true “People’s Stadium” wouldn’t it make sense to have free ATM machines? Why would the people charge themselves to access to their own money?

Or, at least let the people decide which corporation was going to stick them with fees. Perhaps they’d choose to go with a company that has decent local market share so people banking with that bank would still be able to avoid fees.

But, no. Instead, a guy in New Jersey, who runs a franchise in a league run by ex-Goldman Sachs executives can decide which bank to redistribute Minnesotan’s wealth to on 30 days notice.

The sad thing is that I doubt Governor Dayton has even considered how many ways Goldman Sachs The NFL can screwed “The People” in the stadium he refers to, disgustingly, as “The People’s Stadium”.

By the way. This ATM language is not explicitly listed in the Vikings stadium bill. Instead, it’s inferred based on the control Wilf would have of all revenue opportunities at the stadium we’d build for his business. At least the Colts had the decency to itemize many of the ways that they planed to screw the public.

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