Raiding the General Fund for Vikings Stadium Debt Payments #wilfare

A commenter named Rossberg has broken down the flaws in the House’s Vikings stadium debt payment funding deal with charities that was cut over the weekend:

So, the charities get $36 million a year in tax relief? That’s a little more than a billion dollars over the next 30 years. Good for them. But wasn’t that billion dollars originally destined for the General Fund? Essentially they’ve negotiated away a billion dollars in tax relief in order to get a shot at raising a billion dollars for the stadium and now want to potentially grab money from the Twins tax in case their plan doesn’t work. So how is this a good deal for the public who will ultimately have to make up the billion dollar General Fund shortfall?

It’s only money. Money that could go toward state needs rather than Zygi Wilf’s wants.

3 thoughts on “Raiding the General Fund for Vikings Stadium Debt Payments #wilfare”

  1. Ed, you may be too young to remember, but Zygi reminds me of the old continuing joke thread Jack Benny had, of being a skinflint with his cash. Except with Benny it was funny. With Zygi it’s a lifestyle. Except for endowing stuff in NYC, touting the family name there, while speculating in real estate.

  2. Ed, you have to go for it. You are the champion, and MinnPost is giving “Champion Club” Twins tickets to whoever proposes the best Constitutional Amendment in this season of such.

    Go for it: Single Payer Football.

    (Guess who – hint: not the government)

  3. This seems to be consistent with the GOP’s desire to end the legislative session early. It probably is an indication that the latest charity idea wasn’t well thought out in the first place and apparently didn’t consult with Dayton. I am still surprised that Ed didn’t take the easy bait and expose the issues with sports based tip-boards sponsored by charities.

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