Good info for @GovMarkDayton and @MayorRTRybak on Vikings Stadium #wilfare

@edkohler Idk, but i wouldn't have a problem doing so.

A common comment from Vikings stadium corporate welfare beggars regarding Vikings stadium financing plans is that people like Kurt Zellars are not showing enough “leadership” when they don’t go out of their way to give the public’s money to a private company owned by a guy in New Jersey. But, to me, leadership on the Vikings stadium issue would look like Governor Mark Dayton and Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak asking fans to work with the Vikings and the NFL to come up with a plan that those three groups, together, can afford.

As the above tweet illustrates, there are fans who are willing to chip in to help make up the difference between what Zygi wants and what Zygi is willing to pay for.

He’s not alone. Cory Merrifield from Save the Vikes has expressed a similar interest in cutting government out of the Zygi Wilf #wilfare picture:

@edkohler @andrewwagner I would support and pay PSL's along w/ ticket surcharges. Don't presume to know what I would or wouldn't support, ed

And they’re not alone either. Dan Lind has also committed via Twitter to supporting Zygi Wilf’s financial dreams:

@edkohler Make that 2. I'm on the record that I'd gladly pay a $10k PSL over 20 yrs to keep #vikings from moving. (cc: @SaveTheVikesOrg)

In this case, it sounds like leadership could be defined as:

1. Enabling people to do what they want to do by staying out of their way.

2. Helping to connect Vikings fans’ checkbooks with Zygi Wilf’s checking account.

3. Keeping government out of this transfer of wealth.

If Vikings fans see enough value in the Vikings to support Zygi Wilf’s wallet, great. We don’t need to subsidize the Vikings or Vikings fans when the market is perfectly capable of deciding whether building a billion dollar stadium to replace our existing NFL stadium is justified.

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