How the Vikings’ Eric Durkee Misleads Minnesotans for Zygi Wilf’s Benefit #wilfare

Here are a few word problems that may help explain how intellectually dishonest the Minnesota Vikings’ Eric Durkee has been regarding the job creation potential of a Vikings stadium construction.

1. If you employ someone full time for one year, how many full time jobs did you create?
a. 1
b. 10
c. 100
d. 1,000

2. If you employ 50 people for one week each over one year, how many full time jobs did you create?
a. 1
b. 50
c. 500
d. 5,000

7,500 construction jobs supported by #newMNstadium

3. Divide the $300 million in wages attributable to Vikings stadium construction by the 7,500 jobs the Vikings claim $300 million would pay for over three years. What would the average hourly wage for construction workers have to be if 7,500 construction workers were employed for that long? (Not even including benefits.)

a. $6.41/hr
b. $10.00/hr
c. $20.00/hr
d. $30.00/hr

a #newMNstadium would create 900,000 work hours in the first year of construction. #vikings #stateasset

4. A full-time equivalent job is calculated by dividing total hours worked by 2,080. Divide Eric Durkee’s 900,000 hours figure by 2,080 to determine how many full time jobs a Vikings stadium corporate welfare project would create in the first year.

a. 100
b. 432
c. 1,000
d. 2,500

5. As of May 1, 2012, the prevailing wage in Hennepin County for a Common Laborer working on state funded construction projects will be $28.46. At that rate, how much money would we need to employ 7,500 people for three years? (Hint: Eric Durkee claimed that 7,500 people would be employed for $300 million).

a. $150,000,000
b. $300,000,000
c. $600,000,000
d. $1,331,928,000

If you’re going to tout job creation, an honest claim would be to look at how many full-time equivalent jobs are created. If you’re going to pretend that part time work equals full time employment, why job inflate the figure to 10,000+ jobs by increasing the churn on the job site? That way you could “create” more jobs (using the Vikings’ dishonest definition) without spending any more money.

While Eric Durkee is paid by the Vikings to mislead the public for the benefit of Zygi Wilf, the sad thing about this is that Governer Dayton and Mayor Rybak have both borrowed the same horribly misleading jobs claims to help mislead the public into supporting this corporate welfare plan.

While I don’t expect much from Durkee (he’s got a job to do, and his biases can be found on his paycheck), both Dayton and Rybak should represent the people’s best interests rather than the Vikings on this issue by giving the people a fair and honest look at the impact borrowing more than half a billion dollars (so we can give it to Zygi Wilf’s business) would have on our economy.

Answers: 1:a, 2:a, 3:a , 4:b , 5:d

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