@GovMarkDayton Looks at the Benefits While Ignoring the Costs of a Vikings Stadium

State of #MN will collect nearly $26 million annually from #Vikings related sales and player income taxes upon stadium opening. #mnleg

Today, the Vikings’ sales and income tax revenues help pay for things like schools, bridges, and health care programs. Under Vikings stadium proposal Governor Dayton is trying to sell, the state’s debt payments would exceed what the state earns today from the Vikings’ sales and income tax revenues. As in, for every dollar we spend, we get back less than a dollar.

It’s dot.com economics applied to corporate welfare for the NFL. “Sure, we’re losing money, but we’ll make it up in volume!”

The responses Governor Dayton has been receiving, including those in the screenshot above, show that Minnesotans are interested in looking at both the credits and debits to decide whether this deal is a good deal for the public. They realize that it’s not, which is why 68% of Minnesotans don’t even support spending one dollar of the public’s money to subsidize an NFL franchise.

Related? The NFL’s salary cap for 2012 is $120,600,000.

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