@ChrisWarcraft: Wilf is “Trying to put a Quality Product on the Field.”

Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe, tweeted that Wilf has been “Trying to put a Quality Product on the Field.”

While “trying” is a popular way to measure success for athletes less than 10 years old, the NFL uses wins and losses as the measuring stick. Here is a comparison of the Win/Loss record of the Minnesota Vikings over the time Wilf has owned the team compared to Red McCombs’ ownership period:

Minnesota Vikings McCombs vs Wilf Win/Loss Records

Wilf may be trying, but he hasn’t been succeeding. The Vikings have won less than 48% of their games while Wilf has owned the team. The all time winning percentage for the team is 54%, which has been dragged down from the very impressive 55.5% all-time winning percentage the team had before Wilf purchased it.

As I looked into this further I thought, “maybe the problem isn’t Wilf. Maybe it’s Kluwe?” Here is an breakdown of the Vikings all-time win/loss record pre-Kluwe and under Kluwe’s time with the team:

Vikings Win/Loss Record Pre and With Chris Kluwe

I’m sure that Chris Kluwe, like Wilf, is “trying to put a quality product on the field.” But, what does it say to our children if we reward this level of professional sports mediocrity with more than half a billion dollars in corporate welfare?

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