Taking Money from Citizens is Awful, Unless it’s for #Vikings #wilfare

Here is some good humor on the official Vikings blog from a Vikings fan confessing to wanting his private entertainment publicly subsidized:

By Dave on Dec 29, 2011
@ bleeding purple I figured but you never know. This is great although idk if its true because they JUST elected a new head of senate or w/e its called. At this point in time it seems as though its inevitable that a stadium in MN will happen. A few months ago i was drinking my sorrows away.
Idk if anyone is as crazy as me but i have been following MN news about the gov. issues and have been commenting frequently. Theres a few guys and girls that just pi$$ me off with their stupid comments about “bailing millionaires out”. One of them being Ed Kohler ( who i cant STAND). I understand that taking money from citizens is awful….i understand that but for some like most of us, vikings football is wonderful, regardless of the recent dark and dismal seasons. I love my team and if they leave MN, I will not give the nfl another penny from my pocket…you can count on that.

I do give Dave some credit. If he’s not willing to give the NFL another penny if they move the team, it sounds like he understands that, in the end, the choice of whether to stay or go is Zygi Wilf’s. If Vikings fans aren’t willing to pay enough for tickets to help Wilf meet his arbitrary profit margin goals, it’s not the government’s responsibility to make up the difference.

Are fans willing to pay what it takes to build Zygi a new stadium? It certainly doesn’t sound like it, based on the demands of people like Cory Merrifield, who keeps begging for gambling dollars to subsidize his season tickets.

One thought on “Taking Money from Citizens is Awful, Unless it’s for #Vikings #wilfare”

  1. Here are my thoughts on this–
    –in this era of ‘austerity’…why does it have to come down to general public financing as the ONLY way to get a new stadium built? Where is this so-called USA (exceptionalism) capitalism and free market?

    Trust me–in 5 years when this all blows up like it already has in Cincinnati, Miami, and several other cities–and Zygi will be gone, having sold out to the next carpetbagging owner (let’s call him ‘Fred’) who will have as little care for the Twin Cities as the last Red and Zygi did, and because Fred wasn’t ‘smart’ (read lucky) enough, he will become dead Fred because he will be the team owner when the NFL bubble bursts.

    Then, just like the 2008 real estate bubble, the citizens will scream about ‘how could we allow this to happen’ and people will point at politicians as ‘the problem’ when the problem is people like Dave and Cory who sold out their ‘good sense’ for the ‘nonsense’ that is major sports in the world.

    Supposedly the NFL is one of the most popular activities of any kind in the whole world, and through the years has been given dozens of breaks in creative accounting rules and taxing policies that allow the Religion of Pro-Sports to receive and protect multiple billions of dollars of annual revenue that they receive from huge TV and advertising contracts in addition to their team revenues.

    Corporations and citizens who buy tickets have the opportunity to write off on their taxes as ‘entertainment expenses’…so there is ALREADY a large public subsidy to the NFL before a single stadium is built.

    And at the end of the day what is the product of this great and glorious NFL…mere entertainment, mere distraction, something to stare at as our lives drift away. For this the ‘public’ allows favorable taxing and accounting policies?

    For this we are supposed to accept yet another tax, and accept the expansion of new gambling and diversion of existing funding–
    –for a business that produces nothing…
    –for a business that holds a community hostage to their demands…
    –for a business infested with out of state owners gleaning away money from the local community
    –for a business that cannot find private funding for their game even when given all these favorable existing conditions?

    Where is this vaunted USA free-market capitalism? The NFL would shrink 50% if its favorable public policies were removed and it had to compete on a level playing field with other businesses. It would lose its Bagley’s and Grubman’s and have to hire real talent to keep the business afloat. It would have to build its own stadiums and work harder to keep fans.

    And given it’s own corruption of their expoused ethics and values (as seen on their NFL TV advertisements), and the utter contempt shown to their most loyal fans and communities…I’d welcome that change. The NFL was great when it realized it was just a game, but now like banking and politics, it has grown evil and misguided.

    If the Arden Hills stadium deal happens, it will become a monument for all that is wrong with the USA–
    –the pursuit of lowest-common denominator activities
    –via clumsy and wasteful land and resource usage
    –toward misguided entertainment pursuits
    –receiving favorable policy treatment
    –by unfocused politicians and easily distracted citizens
    –while abusive banks and greedy NFL-types get even richer
    –as important issues like productive jobs, decent education, et al are ignored
    –allowed by a blissfully ignorant population
    –and this is what passes for community leadership and vision, so we get the blindsided and tackled society we deserve. Circuses given out instead of bread, and games funded instead of productive ventures.

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