Andy Post Announces GOP Loss on Minnesota Democrats Exposed

One of the strangest posts written by Andy Post on Minnesota Democrats Exposed (and later removed) was about as far as one could get from exposing Democrats. Instead, he decided to announce that the GOP’s candidate for governor, Tom Emmer, was conceding the recount he had no chance of winning (which we later learned that MN GOP Chair, Tony Sutton, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars the GOP didn’t have to contest):

Andy Post Promoting Emmer's Failure

It will be interesting to see who takes over MDE next. Here’s how it’s done over the time Andy Post (and, for a while, Ryan Lyk) have run the site into the ground: Traffic History

Perhaps Brodkorb can turn it back around? Or, at this point, would he be better off starting from scratch rather than trying to resuscitate the tainted MDE brand?

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