Andy Post Pulls a Kurt Zellers on a Religious Embarrassment at MDE

Just in time for Christmas, here’s a story by Andy Post (a Christian) criticizing a Jewish state senator, Terri Bonoff for “going on a crusade”:

Priorities DFL Senator Goes on a Crusade to Remove Jesus from Government

Perhaps Post decided to follow Kurt Zellers’ lead by “disappearing” an embarrassing religious moment, the way Zellers did when he erased Bradlee Deans’ creepy prayer prior to the GOP’s vote in favor of a vote on a constitutional amendment to discriminate against gay marriage. No word on whether Amy Koch’s “inappropriate behavior” was taking place at the time when Bradlee Dean was doing this:

One thought on “Andy Post Pulls a Kurt Zellers on a Religious Embarrassment at MDE”

  1. I think eliminating religious-specific references in prayers pretty much defeats the purpose of praying. If I asked a religious leader of any specific faith to lead a body in prayer, I expect that person to invoke his or her god. If we want to remove such references, I’d prefer that our legislature not pray at all.

    And as a person of faith, it wouldn’t bother me a bit if they chose that route.

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