MN GOP’s Kelly Fenton Represents Big Business, Divisiveness, and Bigotry #stribpol

With this change, I hope my party will start modernizing. We need to ditch the antiquated parts from the platform cc: @kellyfen283

With the resignation of “failed burrito barron” and head of the MN GOP, Tony Sutton, the party of bigotry has a chance to rebuild. Some of that rebuilding will involve getting the MN GOP financial house in order. But, as Rep. John Kriesel points out, it’s also an opportunity to increase their appeal to today’s electorate.

Sutton’s replacement is Kelly Fenton, who describes herself on Twitter as:

Conservative,Christian from Houston,TX. Former School Administrator, campaign manager. Champagne & comfortable pr of cowboy boots! Tweets my own opinion.

Is Fenton capable of change? Here are some examples of her Tweets:

#Obama's #BuffetRule is attack on big business. Super committee now being rushed. Aka: Hurry up and kill economy faster, O #fail #tcot

Fenton stood up for big business by attacking Obama’s “Buffet Rule” tax policy. Clearly, someone needs to stand up for big business since big business has so few defenders.

So tired of the FALSE richest 2% tax increase commercials. That 2% will either leave MN or pass on to the other 98%! #mnleg #stribpol

In June, during the budget debate, she took time to stick up for the 2% richest Minnesotans at the expense of the 98%.

#Obama to speak in next hour about #debt. This is all I ever hear: blah, blah, blah, blah, RAISE TAXES, BUSH's FAULT! #stribpol #tcot

In July, she took time to explain that the current debt issues are Obama’s fault and have nothing to do with the tax cuts instituted under the Bush administration. You know: The tax cuts that, if allowed to expire, would solve our current budget issues.

GOP leg. fighting to save/create jobs. #mDayton and DFL growing govt. and shutting down businesses! #mnleg #stribpol

It didn’t occur to me that anyone was working to shut down businesses in the state. I’d love to see an example of that.

#ObamaEconomics is similar to church financial reports: 20% pay 80% and 80% pay 20%. #tcot

Strange. It’s almost as if there is a non-equal distribution of wealth, leading to people with more contributing more while those with less giving what they can.

#BootsontheGround, #BootsontheGround: 4 US services members on ground in #Tripoli. More proof can't trust #Obama assurances! #tcot

More Obama bashing. Strangely, no follow-up tweet regarding the end of Gaddafi’s reign is found.

@ryandflynn : We also need to praise Obama for keeping many of the Bush military policies in place which allowed him to get OBL!

For Fenton, it’s not just the revolution in Libya where Obama deserves no credit. Clearly, it was 7 years of Bush not capturing or killing Bin Laden which led to Obama getting the job done. Bush was just softening OBL up for Obama, ya see.

Based on what I’m seeing, I think Kriesel isn’t going to see much change at the top of his party.

One more for Rep. Kriesel. When the house was debating the Marriage Amendment bill, and Rep. Kriesel took time to speak in favor of equality for all Minnesotans, Kelly Fenton took to Twitter to say this:

These house members have no faith in the voters of MN. #mnleg

Which, of course, is just a despicable way to say “Rather than just leave our state marriage laws the way they are today, let’s put discriminating against a state minority population to a vote by the majority.”

7 thoughts on “MN GOP’s Kelly Fenton Represents Big Business, Divisiveness, and Bigotry #stribpol”

  1. But let me put it another way, Ed – why didn’t the DFL push a law legalizing gay marriage back when they had a legislative majority?

    I mean, they could have put it in the Constitution, no?

    The DFL surely has enough floor discipline to support its own platform plank, doesn’t it?

    There’s a reason for that, of course – the DFL would rather have the issue out there as a wedge to keep the gays on the plantation.

    I have supported civil unions for years. But I suggest that the pro-gay-marriage movement has done a *terrible*, *awful*, *stupd*, *incompetent* job of explaining to people why they should support changing one of the oldest, most coherent institutions in human existence. Sorry to say, Ed, you and your “support gay marriage or you are teh bigot” is worse than most.

  2. And yep, I’m fine with Kelly Fenton. I did not and do not consider gay marriage the dispositive, or even an important, issue in deciding a party chair, one way or the other. And either will the DFL when Alita picks…er, I mean, they pick another.

  3. I don’t understand why gays think someone is a hateful bigot just because one does not want to redefine marriage. Marriage has been between men and women for the entirety of human existence for thousands and thousands of years. Just because two men have a sexual-emotional connection does not mean they have a right to marriage.

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