Guy Garner’s Racist Justification for Vikings Corporate Welfare, um #Wilfare

Guy Garner from Aitkin, Minnesota has provided a concise argument in favor of redistributing state resources from people with nothing to people with nearly everything:

Don't bitch when Minnesota has no pro football franchise.If we didnt give all this welfare out to immigrants and illegals then we could afford to build a multi-use sports venue that would benefit the state.

The man has a point. A bigoted point. Yet, a point.

Clearly, if we stopped helping people with nothing who are trying to make better lives for themselves, the State of Minnesota would have more money to give to a guy in New York City to help furnish his new $19 million apartment.

Why ask Vikings fans to write checks to Zygi Wilf when we can take away food & housing assistance, jobs programs and education from people who really need it?

It sounds like it may be a few more generations before the bigot gene works its way out of the Garner family.

3 thoughts on “Guy Garner’s Racist Justification for Vikings Corporate Welfare, um #Wilfare”

  1. I used to work in the welfare office and lot of my clients worked at the Metrodome. None worked at Orchestra Hall. Not exactly tied in with what your bigoted buddy above was saying, but my point is that we should invest in good jobs for Minnesotans, not ones that keep employees well below the poverty level. Except the owner, of course.

  2. Maybe this posting will help the Garner family understand who they really need to worry about taking money from their kids mouths–

    This ‘immigrant’ ‘welfare’ bigotry story is more bluster, fed by people who wish to divide and diminish our community. The real money is sucked out of our community by the rich, not the poor.

  3. @Kassi, I worked in concessions at the Dome in the early 90’s. It’s a good way to gain some work experience, but not exactly a career. Especially with so few games at the stadium compared to back in the day when there were 3-4 major sports in the same facility.

    I doubt many people living in or near poverty are demanding that their part time jobs be relocated to Arden Hills. We didn’t hear from them at the Senate hearing last week. Perhaps they were busy working one of their jobs?

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