Googlism for: Zygi Wilf

Googlism tracks what the web is saying about a topic. In this case, Zygi Wilf:

  1. zygi wilf is buying influence to get a new
  2. zygi wilf is buying influence to get a new stadium
  3. zygi wilf is making it explicitly clear that they have
  4. zygi wilf is a man of his word
  5. zygi wilf is the perfect sort of investor
  6. zygi wilf is part owner of the minnesota vikings of the nfl and head of garden commercial properties
  7. zygi wilf is thinking and what it says about his stewardship of the franchise
  8. zygi wilf is not a happy camper
  9. zygi wilf is worth somewhere around $300 million and the vikings franchise itself is worth around $700
  10. zygi wilf is a self
  11. zygi wilf is seen on a camera video screen tuesday
  12. zygi wilf is the most
  13. zygi wilf is in orland at the annual nfl owners’ meetings
  14. zygi wilf is 61 years old
  15. zygi wilf is exactly the type of owner needed to bring any franchise to the elite level
  16. zygi wilf is holding up a cardboard sign asking for around $620000000 to pay for his teams entertainment complex where
  17. zygi wilf is making his presence felt this week at the team’s facility
  18. zygi wilf is dishonest about his commitment to minnesota
  19. zygi wilf is preparing to sweeten the proposed stadium deal with ? $13 million
  20. zygi wilf is angling to get an mls in minnesota
  21. zygi wilf is also connected to
  22. zygi wilf is optimistic the nfl lockout won’t hamper his team’s push for a new stadium
  23. zygi wilf is asksing gov
  24. zygi wilf is optimistic that plans for a new stadium in minnesota will be completed in the near future
  25. zygi wilf is
  26. zygi wilf is not the first owner of the minnesota vikings to make a continuing plea for a new stadium to replace the metrodome
  27. zygi wilf is the endowment foundation chair of the jewish federation of central new jersey and former president of the federation
  28. zygi wilf is in the

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