Mark & Leonard Wilf Donate a Building in NY While Demanding Public Subsidies in MN #wilfare

One interesting thing about Zygi Wilf buying a $19 million home on Park Ave in New York City is that many people realized for the first time that the owner if the Vikings is not a Minnesotan. It finally dawned on them that the State of Minnesota would be extracting money from Minnesota residents to increase the profitability of a company owned by a guy from New Jersey who purchased a $19 million home in New York City.

Zygi Wilf Vikings Owner/Chairman

Here is another interesting angle: While Zygi Wilf is the front man for the Vikings, the Wilf family owns the Vikings, including Owner/President, Mark Wilf.

Mark Wilf Minnesota Vikings

And Owner/Vice Chairman, Leonard Wilf:

Leonard Wilf Owner/Vice Chairman Vikings

The Wilf family employs people like Lester Bagley to demand hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies from the State of Minnesota while their busy cutting ribbons in New York City:

Wilf Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

That’s right. Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf and Vikings Owner/Vice Chairmain Leonard Wilf are simultaneously donating buildings in New York while demanding public subsidies for buildings in Minnesota. While it’s certainly generous to donate enough money to a university to get your family’s name on the building and a mention in the alumni newsletter, if you have to publicly subsidize your business in able to afford that type of ostentatious giving, perhaps you can’t really afford both, Wilf family?

3 thoughts on “Mark & Leonard Wilf Donate a Building in NY While Demanding Public Subsidies in MN #wilfare”

  1. Hey. It was a purple ribbon. That shows Vikings pride. Purple Pride. The auto selling guy from San Antonio would be proud of these New Jersey real estate Wilfs. And you, Kohler, have the audacity to say, “Wilf them.” And, “If they don’t want to pay for their own stadium, they can go Wilf themselves.” As if Red might have sold to the Simpsons, and things would be better with Homer as boss. Wilf them. Indeed.

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