Viking Supporters Are Opposed to Vikings Stadium Special Session #wilfare

The Fergus Falls Journal has a roundup of opinions from legislators grappling with how to find hundreds of millions of dollars to build a 21,000 car parking lot for Zygi Wilf in Arden Hills (aka The People’s Parking Lot).

It’s interesting to note that even legislators who support redistributing the state’s wealth to a guy in New Jersey don’t think it deserves a special session:

Though [District 9B Rep. Paul] Marquart [DFL] is a staunch supporter of state funding of a Vikings stadium, he does not believe a special session is necessary.

“Here we just shut down government for 20 days, we eliminated the homestead credit, which is going to raise property taxes for senior citizens and others, we raised tuition … and now we’re going to drop everything and say the most important thing we have to do is build a Vikings stadium?” he asked.

Marquart thinks the regular session next year would be the best time to talk about the stadium, as it would allow for more transparency and would be forced to compete with other things the state wants to spend money on. Instead, he said, the special session is being motivated by fear of impending financial concerns.

“After Thanksgiving, the next budget forecast comes out,” he explained. “That forecast, depending on what our economists are saying, means that we could have another half (billion) or another billion dollars of deficit that we’re going to have to solve this budget year.”

A Vikings stadium might not look as important to voters once those numbers come out, he remarked.

The mentality of the Save the Vikings AT ANY COST crowd (the true Wilfare queens) can ignore the economic realities the state is facing. Rather than offer to chip in their own money to help Zygi Wilf build his 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills, they continue to demand that the state extract revenue from the public and earmark it for a private entertainment business.

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