Patrick Reusse on The People’s Parking Lot #vikings #wilfare

Patrick Reusse points on in the StarTribune that it’s not in the public’s interest to build a 21,000 car parking lot for Zygi Wilf:

The latest rough estimates are $900 million for a stadium at the Metrodome site (including demolition) and $1.1 billion at Arden Hills.

Which means, even if Zygi chooses to pout and cuts his offer to $300 million for a non-Arden Hills stadium, it still would be $100 million cheaper for the state to build at the current Dome than it would at the old ammunition factory.

Wilf is correct in his letter. Arden Hills is the best possible site for a Vikings stadium — if what we have as our main concerns is Zygi being able to collect $40 per car for thousands of cars on game Sundays, and for Zygi to be able to develop the rest of the large acreage with retail, lodging and offices.

Reusse goes on to mention that the state would have to be stupid to borrow money to pay to build a stadium that doesn’t leverage our existing transit infrastructure.

This reinforces, once again, that a person can be a Vikings fan without caving to every demand made by a private business owner. Liking the team is one thing. Borrowing and making debt payments on $650,000,000 over 30 years is something entirely different.

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