Talking Vikings Stadium #Wilfare at Drinking Liberally

Spot from Cucking Stool put together a video with excerpts from my presentation at Drinking Liberally at the 331 Club on November 3rd.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog over the past month, this is a bit of a recap in video form:

Building Zygi World! from Steve Timmer on Vimeo.

Correction: One mistake I made in the video was giving myself credit for running the numbers on some of the cost per ticket comparisons of Zygi Wilf’s Wilfare demands to previous publicly subsidized event centers. That credit should go to Peter H, who shared that data in the comments here. Sorry about that, Peter.

You can find out more about Drinking Liberally events in MN here, and subscribe to their mailing lists to keep up to date on topics and presenters.

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  1. @Kevin, I had a chance to talk to Franken about this a few years ago. I told him that people have told me that we look alike. Genesis that “we do have a look.”

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