@sumnums’ Quantifies The Absurdity of The Vikings’ #Wilfare Demands

Sum Nums offers some numbers on the amount of public financing the Vikings are demanding:

At capacity, over 30 yrs of regular season, Metropolitan Stadium cost 57¢ per seat per contest. The Vikings want a new stadium at $67.76.

Adjusted for inflation, the Vikings want a stadium that will cost more than the combined cost of Memorial Stadium, Minneapolis Auditorium...

... Williams Arena, Metropolitan Stadium, Met Center, Siebert Field, Metrodome, Midway Stadium, Target Center, Mariucci Arena, Xcel, & TCF.

It seems like some Vikings fans are under the assumption that what the Vikings organization is demanding is reasonable. It’s not. If they want to spend over a billion dollars to build a stadium they’d use for 240 home games over 30 years, they should do so, but asking the public to borrow $650 million to subsidize the cost of building a stadium for a team that will use it for 240 home games before throwing it away is absurd.

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