Run Minneapolis: Standish Neighborhood

32nd Ave S at 42nd St E

Back on October 14th, I did a run through the Standish Neighborhood of South Minneapolis on 32nd and 33rd Avenues along with 44th and 45th Streets. The neighborhood is tucked in between Lake Hiawatha and the LRT with Minnehaha Creek to the south.

Burned down Church at 42nd St at 32nd Ave

The church on the corner of 42nd St at 32nd burned down in September. Fire inspectors say it had “several points of ignition”. Natural causes? Not.

St. Helena Catholic Church

St. Helena Catholic Church, at 43rd St and 32nd Ave S, dates back to 1913, with the current building dating back to 1940.

St. Helena School

St. Helena School is located behind the church. It’s a private Catholic K-8 school affiliated with the church.

Northrop Urban Environmental Learning Center

Across the street is Northrop Urban Environmental Learning Center, a K-5 grade school with an emphasis on environmental sciences.

Tennis Courts at 46th St and 32nd Ave S

I reached the end of 32nd Ave S at 46th Street where a set of tennis courts sits above the Minnehaha Creek.

Minnehaha Creek at 32nd Ave S

It was a beautiful fall day along the creek.

Lake Hiawatha from 45th St E

I turned back north on 33rd Ave S, then took 45th Street west to Lake Hiawatha.

LRT from 44th St E Facing North

Then I headed east on 44th St until I hit the LRT tracks.

46th Street Station LRT

I needed to pick up the last of 45th St East before heading back north on 33rd. The eastern end has a shortcut to the 46th Street LRT stop.

Twisted Groove

At 34th Ave S, I passed a business corner where Twisted Groove tie-dye and batik store is located.

Chris & Rob's Chicago Taste Authority

At 33rd Ave S, I busted a move north to wrap up my run at Chris & Rob’s Chicago Taste Authority. I’m a fan of their dogs and pizza.

Ericson Neighborhood Run

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