Captain Capitalism Feels Sorry For Me #Wilfare


I can see how someone in Wyoming can easily take shots at the cost of living in MN. And, if the Captain was a huge fan of the NFL, he might choose to live within a day’s drive of an NFL stadium (unless he’s the kind of fan who is capable of enjoying the NFL on TV without subsidizing NFL stadiums. Radical concept, I know.)

Personally, I’d like to see a bit less socialism and a bit more capitalism when it comes to funding Vikings stadiums. Why aren’t politicians encouraging season ticket holders to write checks for personal seat licenses? Why isn’t RT Rybak asking downtown businesses to write checks to cover construction costs the way the U of MN did to help subsidize the stadium’s cost.

If companies like Target, Wells Fargo, and US Bank want to have a stadium within walking distance of their buildings, you think they’d be able to cut a few checks for a few million a piece to get it done.

I’m confident that the market can decide for itself whether the NFL is a viable sports entertainment franchise without public subsidies. In fact, I’m positive that the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings can do just fine without $650,000,000 in socialist subsidies for their private business.

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  1. I totally agree with you… If the market can’t pay for a new stadium, then maybe there shouldn’t be one. I hear people bash the dome all the time too, and I’m not really sure why, I don’t think it’s bad. In fact, is it really that different than it was when it was built? Weren’t people stoked about it originally? What changed? We just don’t care for it anymore? We need more box seats or something?

    I don’t know, it just seems like we want something new for the sake of having something new. Granted, the roof collapsed last winter and took forever to fix, but I think that was really just a piece of irony and symbolism representing the state of the Vikings that was just too tempting for mother nature to pass up.

  2. I will actually and honestly admit it is primarily repulbican suburbanites who just “vote Republican” because they were “told to” that are in tow with this socialist program of subsidizing an NLF team because “football” is (for a reason beyond me) very important to the mindless suburbanite white males of “The EP.”

    I loathe liberals, but I will grant more credit to the committed leftist ideologues than the mindless, brainwashed republican suburbanite who just “wants to see his PURPLE PRIDE WIN AN EFFING SUPERBOWL” even if it costs the state taxpayer 1-2 billion dollars.

    Keep going Ed, make these idiots pay for the fact their lives are meaningless and they must live vicariously through black men who never grew up in Minnesota and never wanted to be here in the first place and would rather play for Florida or California. I enjoy watching the pathetic Minnesota folk put their livelihood and happiness on whether some guy (who never grew up in Minnesota) threw a ball (made of pigskin) really good to another guy (who also never spent a second of his upbringing in Minnesota) to run said ball past a chalked line.

    It’s really great to see that so many suburbanite republicans derive joy from something do pathetic and so unrelated to the state and wellbeing of its people.

  3. I can, but on second read, I don’t think it’s worth it. I doubt whether he seriously means what he says.

  4. Rat, trust me, I do mean what I say. You should try to live downtown and then on Sunday have every idiot suburbanite clog up the streets because they;

    1. Don’t know how to drive in the city
    2. Don’t know where to park (not to mention take up all the parking spaces)
    3. Can’t find the Metrodome and stop in the middle of the street to look around OR drive REALY SLOOOOOOW as if there may be a parking space opening up any second!

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