Run Minneapolis: NE 19th, 20th and 22nd Avenues

19th Ave NE at Stinson Parkway

Carly and I ran through across NE Minneapolis starting behind the Quarry on 19th Ave NE at Stinson back on the 16th.

Shirdi Saibaba Prayer Center

From 19th, we shimmied onto 18 1/2 NE, where we passed the Shirdi Saibaba Prayer Center at Polk. It looks like there are some Gangster Disciples tags on the building.

Central Sauna Bath, Gene's Barber Shop, Kim's Vietnamese

At Central, we passed erotic massage parlor, Central Sauna (ask for the Korean surprise), Gene’s Barber, and Kim’s Vietnamese. Quite a combination on that corner.

Artspace Jackson Flats

The next block, at Jackson, has a sign posted for a future Artspace $9.3 million project, Jackson Flats.

LaMere Concrete & Construction

LaMere Concrete & Construction has done a nice job with their building on 18 1/2 at Monroe. This is a fairly industrial area next to the tracks.

Alpine Asphalt

18 1/2 runs into Monroe, where Alpine Asphalt has an awesome fence made of skis.

Carter Day Company

It looks like Carter Day may have moved to Fridley. They make industrial equipment used to process cereals and plastics.

Salon Stella

Salon Stella on 19th at Jefferson has a great mural. It’s a Broken Crow piece that they crowdsourced funding for.

18th Ave NE Bike Trail

The 18th Ave NE Bike Trail works its way through this part of town. Though not always on NE, as this sign on 19th indicates (18th doesn’t have a train track underpass).

18th Ave NE Bike Trail

The bike trail uses a combination of off-street dedicated bike trails and shared roads marked with chevrons.

Too bad it wasn’t brunch when we were passing Jimmy’s Bar. They’ve been giving out free sliders from White Castle since 1985. The owner is in White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame.

University Halal Meat Market, Inc

One sign that Northeast is home to more than Eastern European immigrants and artists taking over old warehouses: University Halal Meat Market on University at 19th.

Bottineau Park

19th St NE came to an end at Bottineau Park.

Jax Cafe

We turned back on 20th St, and passed Jax Cafe while crossing University Ave. This place is excellent if you’re into old school steakhouses.

St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church

St. Nicholas Greek Catholic Church on 4th Ave NE at 19th, appears to have been converted to apartments at some point. The building is dated 1942.

Jackson Square Park Rain Water Capture

Jackson Square Park on 19th at Jackson has half a square block dedicated to rain water capture.

Falafel King

Falafel King’s NE location dominates the corner of Central Ave at 19th.

Minneapolis 2nd Precinct Police Station

Minneapolis’ 2nd Precinct Police Station includes this statue, East Side Guardian, dedicated in 2008.

Broken Crow Mural on House

A home on Fillmore St at 19th has a Broken Crow mural on the back.

Gospel Light Baptist Church

At Fillmore, we shifted up to 22nd, where we passed Gospel Light Baptist Church. In addition to the church, they run Half-Way House, Homeless Shelter, and Jail ministries.

NE Tailor

At Johnson St & 22nd, I got a shot of my tailor, N.E. Tailor.

Shoefiti on 22nd St NE

As we wrapped up our run, I spotted this Shoefiti on 22nd at Garfield.

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  1. It’s fun to see the neighborhood I grew up in through someone else’s eyes, and how things have changed over the years.

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