Run Minneapolis: Northrup, Field, Hale Neighborhoods

48th St E at 16th Ave S

Carly and I toured both sides of Minnehaha Creek near Lake Nokomis on the 22nd for a 5 miler starting on 48th and heading west to 35W.

New Creation Baptist Church

New Creation Baptist Church at 48th St & 15th Ave S, “is a group of baptized believers who believe in the Triune God. One God with three personalities.” This was previously Epiphany Lutheran Church and changed hands in August 2008.

Sovereign Grounds Coffee Shop

I haven’t had a chance to check out Sovereign Grounds Coffee Shop at 48th & Chicago yet, but I have a Groupon, so there’s that.

Amazon Bookstore

Amazon Bookstore / True Colors Bookstore at 48th & Chicago is “the oldest independent feminist bookstore in North America.” Based on the terms of a settlement over the use of the term “Amazon” in conjunction with a bookstore, the store’s name had to be changed when ownership changed hands in 2008.

Turtle Bread, Pizza Biga, and Levain

When the new Turtle Bread was being designed in the Longfellow Neighborhood, quite a few paint samples were tried on the building’s exterior. In the end, they stuck with the same style in place at their Chicago and 48th location. Levain is to the left and Pizza Biga to the right. One building with three different restaurants. All good.

Mural on Garage on 48th & Clinton?

Cool mural on a garage at 48th and ~Clinton.

35W Sound Wall at 48th St E

It’s a straight shot to downtown from here, along the 35W sound wall.

St James Lutheran Church

Heading back east on 49th, we passed St. James Lutheran Church at Portland Ave. I didn’t find any info online about this place.

St. James Lutheran Church - 2 Blocks

Does anyone know the history of churches getting street signs in Minneapolis? Are these meant as ads for people who haven’t been to the church before? Weddings? Funerals? Reminding the laity where their church is?

Hale Page Diamond Lake Neighborhood

When 49th St came to an end, we shimmied down across Minnehaha Creek on Bloomington Ave S, where we saw this friendly neighborhood sign. That’s better than the neighborhood watch warning signs seen in some neighborhoods.

Minnehaha Masonic Lodge No.#165 A.F. & A.M.

We passed our local Freemasons’ hangout on Bloomington at 52nd: Minnehaha Masonic Lodge No.#165.

Hot Plate Diner

Hot Plate Diner, on the SW corner of Bloomington & 52nd, has received a lot of positive reviews. It’s on my wishlist to hit. Who’s in?

Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church Sign

Is this the latest in church snipe technology?

Edward C Solomon Park

Bloomington Ave S ends at 58th Street, just upwind from the 5-8 Club, along Edward C. Solomon Park (named after the former Park Commissioner [pdf]).

Nokomis from Edgewater Boulevard

From 58th St we turned north on 16th to get back to Nokomis. The shot above is from Edgewater Boulevard facing east toward Lake Nokomis.

Fat Lorenzo's Mural

Heading east on Edgewater Boulevard, we reached Fat Lorenzo’s at Cedar Ave, which has a very pizza friendly mural.

West end of Lake Nokomis

We looped around the west end of Lake Nokomis, which is a basically a goose friendly lagoon.

Park at Bloomington and 50th

From there, we took 16th Ave S north back toward Minnehaha Creek. At 50th, we passed the newly renovated tennis courts, then ran through the trees down to the creek. Back in the day, my brother and two friends of ours rode a toboggan through these trees without much success. As we gained speed while aiming at a tree, we bailed left and right while the toboggan continued straight. It took a hit.

Minnehaha Creek facing east at Bloomington Ave S

We wrapped up our run by crossing Minnehaha Creek on Bloomington Ave S. The creek seemed to be higher than average most of the spring and summer, but our fall drought has taken a toll on the flow.

6 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Northrup, Field, Hale Neighborhoods”

  1. I was just at Hot Plate with my girlfriends the other weekend (on a trip back to the Cities). Brunch. It was great! The server was cool, and nice; steered us away from the Special of the Day (Egg Bake).

  2. My neighborhood! For how long remains to be seen with the property tax hikes I’ve been seeing…

    A needed shout out, Bikes and Pieces which is in Sovereign Grounds Photo, to the left ( IMO, Mike is the one of the best repair guy in the city and has a really neat shop mixing bikes and art.

  3. Hey, Field is my new neighborhood starting Thursday (fingers crossed).

    It will be quite a change from Powderhorn (and our temporary “garden suite” in Edina). Much quieter – which is both good and bad…

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