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Yellow Pages Don’t Kill Trees, But Are a Wasteful Duplication of the Web

The Yellow Pages Association – who’s name became so tainted that the rebranded as the Local Search Association – is trying to convince us that phone books are green because they litter households with books made from recycled materials and wood chips rather than virgin forests:

That seemed a little ridiculous to me, so I left a comment. A comment that the Local Search Association has let sit in a moderation queue since October 20, 2011 at 2:37 pm:

Moderated Comment on Local Search Association Website

Now, one could make the case that just because someone owns a computer doesn’t mean that they prefer using it for looking up local business information, so we shouldn’t be taking away their print directories. I agree. All we need to do is switch to an opt-in system where people who truly want the books will get them.

This would allow the Local Search Association to stop having to defend itself against the bad PR that comes from spamming households. And, they could stop making videos about trees since their environmental impact would decline dramatically when directories are only delivered to people who have a use for them in 2011.

5 thoughts on “Yellow Pages Don’t Kill Trees, But Are a Wasteful Duplication of the Web”

  1. Hi Ed,

    Sorry about the stadium.

    FWIW, DEX left me a notice today that I wouldn’t be receiving a directory from them, because I’ve opted out. I think you are partially responsible for this small environmental victory. Thank you.

  2. @Scott, that’s great news. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like Dex is starting to actually honor the opt-out lists they’ve been building. A small environmental victory with no downside for local businesses since people who choose to opt-out weren’t planning to use the books anyway.

  3. As someone who states openly they work in web strategy, do you have a vested interest in the presence of less printed matter, Ed? Do you feel you compete directly with print? Do you have similar feelings toward publications like the Northeaster and Southwest News as you do toward Yellow Pages?

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