Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Most Arrested Team in the NFL

With the arrest of Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Chris Cook, on charges of felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth degree domestic assault, the Vikings have managed to pull into first place as the most arrested team in the NFL.

SignOnSanDiego.com has been tracking NFL player arrests dating back to 2000 and offers a great database for looking up the NFL’s tax subsidized misfits.

As of 10/14/2011, Sign on San Diego’s database had the Minnesota Vikings tied for #1 with the Cincinnati Bengals, which was gain (in a negative way) for the Vikings who were two arrests behind Cincinnati (32-30) back in July 2010:

NFL Player Arrests Per Team Since 2000

NFL Player Arrests by Team

36 – Minnesota
35 – Cincinnati
32 – Denver
30 – Tennessee
26 – Kansas City
25 – Chargers
25 – Jacksonville
25 – Miami
24 – Tampa Bay
22 – Cleveland
22 – Indianapolis
19 – Chicago
19 – New Orleans
17 – Pittsburgh
17 – Washington
16 – Baltimore
16 – Carolina
16 – Green Bay
16 – Seattle
15 – Oakland
14 – Atlanta
14 – Buffalo
12 – New England
11 – Dallas
11 – N.Y. Giants
10 – Philadelphia
9 – Arizona
9 – Houston
9 – San Francisco
8 – N.Y. Jets
7 – Detroit
7 – St. Louis

Vikings players now have twice as many as many arrests as the league average over this time frame.

Worse Under Wilf

Things have gotten worse since Zygi Wilf purchased the team from Red McCombs in 2005. Here is a look at the average annual Vikings player arrest rates by owner:

Average Minnesota Vikings Players Arrested Per Year by Team Owner

The Vikings most embarrassing off-field annual performance to date remains 2005, which included the infamous Lake Minnetonka boat cruise incident on the night of October 6, 2005.

At the time, Zygi Wilf said to the press:

“Lack of discipline will no longer be tolerated at any level. The events of the past week are unacceptable. If there was any sense that we would look the other way regarding this type of behavior, I want to make it extremely clear that this behavior will never be tolerated again.”

Since then, there have been 15 more Vikings player arrests, including multiple arrests by three players: Dwight Smith (indecent conduct in downtown Minneapolis, marijuana possession after traffic stop), Cedric Griffin (Disorderly conduct, DUI), Everson Griffen (public intoxication, felony battery), and now Chris Cook (branding a gun during a fight, domestic assault).

Perhaps the behavior that Wilf no longer tolerates is specifically taking boat cruises with prostitutes? If that’s the case, it looks like the players have been living up to his expectations.

14 thoughts on “Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Most Arrested Team in the NFL”

  1. Whew, I was worried when you diverted your energies back to your old obsession–yellow pages.

    I thought you started taking medication for your problem or something. Glad to see it was only a temporary diversion!

  2. We’re #1, We’re #1… Suck on that Packers! Lets build em a new stadium. We’ll call it The Clink

  3. These numbers, as well as the types of crimes involved, apparently reflect the true values of Vikings fans. Together with a penchant for corporate welfare and cheating, these crimes constitute the new (Orwellian) definition of “sportsmanship.” It seems to me that anyone who questions any of these values, or even goes so far as to have nostalgia for an older definition of sportsmanship having to do with teamwork, winning and losing graciously, playing by the rules, and bringing a sense of ethics to competition, is now defined as someone who “hates sports.” To me, this is like claiming that people who object to air pollution “hate oxygen.”

  4. No, no Mr. Ed. You keep worrying about all of these really critical issues in Minny. Don’t lose your focus… Fight like hell.

  5. @kenc, yellow pages spam has been less of an issue in Minneapolis lately. Not due to yellow pages honoring opt-out lists, but due to fewer YP companies spamming the community.

  6. This doesn’t mean anything but that we have too many damn cops in MN, and they have nothing to do…f*ck the police!

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  8. Nothin to be proud of at all for the Vikings. I remember when my little sister lived in the cities and had to drive drunk vikings home. Hell, they’re just acting like Minnesotans. Especially the ones from the range. It’s kind of accepted if you drink and drive. But choking someone, that’s wayyyyyyyyyyy out of line.

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