Minnesota Vikings Set Ransom Deadline #Wilfare

I find it strange when people say that the Vikings organization has never said that they plan to leave Minnesota if their Wilfare demands of $650,000,000 (before interest) are met.

Look no further than this tweet to see that this is simply not the case:

@MNMomentum Retweeting Vikings Hostage Threats

The Vikings set the end of this year as an ultimatum date for meeting their ransom demands of $650,000,000 (plus interest). Pat Kessler reports it. The Minnesota Vikings Wilfare support Twitter account, @MNMomentum, then retweets Kessler’s tweet.

I suppose it is true that the Vikings are not specifically saying WHY they MUST have their Wilfare demands met by the end of this year. Optimistically, here are a few things that might mean. If the Vikings Wilfare demands aren’t met, perhaps they could:

1. Sign a new contract at the Metrodome and get back to focusing on winning football games.

2. Decide to build a new stadium with their own money.

3. Put together a proposal that relies upon personal seat licenses rather than a sales tax.

4. Find a new owner for the team who’ll commit to a vision that the Minnesota Vikings should remain the MINNESOTA Vikings.

Or, perhaps Wilf will do what Vikings fans fear most: Put his personal greed ahead of the interests of Vikings fans by moving the team to a different market.

Out of those five scenarios, which one do you think the Vikings are referring to when they say that their ransom demands must be met by the end of this year?

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Vikings Set Ransom Deadline #Wilfare”

  1. Just to pick a small nit: the 2011 season ends in February 2012 (not the end of this year).

    It’s possible we’ll have to endure whining billionaire fanboys for an additional two months after December 31st.


  2. @Daniel, the last regular season game for the Vikings is with the Bears on 1/1/12, so based on how the season is going so far, I think their current lease will wrap up at the Metrodome around 3pm on that day. Of course, no one is kicking the Vikings out of the Metrodome at the end of their lease. Only Zygi Wilf’s greed would prevent the Vikings from continuing to play at the Metrodome.

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