Is Ramsey County Now Paying More than the Vikings for the Vikings Stadium

The Pioneer Press’ Fred Melo had a nice round-up of recent Vikings stadium Wilfare action on FOX 9 last night. One thing he mentioned was that Ramsey County may have to come up with $58 million additional dollars on top of what Tony Bennett is already trying to extract out of the county on Zygi Wilf’s behalf.

If Ramsey County has to find another $58 million on top of the $350 million Wilf has previously demanded in Wilfare payments, that would put Ramsey County’s contribution ($408 million) above the $407 million the Vikings franchise has committed toward their pet project.

This comes on top of Jessica Miles’ report for KSTP where she explained that the Ramsey County taxpayers (even before the additional $58 million in debt payments) would be on the hook for $100 per taxpayer per year for 30 years to help @savethevikesorg’s Cory Merrifield subsidize his season tickets.

It’s also come to my attention via a Vikings stadium Wilfare supporter that I hate the military.

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