Run Minneapolis: Wenonah Neighborhood

Longfellow Ave at Woodlawn Blvd

I went out for my first run on Saturday after having back surgery last month. It turns out that not running since July doesn’t do anything to improve my running shape, but the good news is that it didn’t hurt my back one bit.

I kicked things off just south of Lake Nokomis at Longfellow Ave & Woodlawn, and worked my way through some of the short streets between Nokomis and the Crosstown.

5-8 Club

One block into the run, I caught a glimpse of the 5-8 Club across Cedar Ave, but I managed to fight the lure of cheesy goodness.

Delta Airplane over Nokomis

Airplane noise is no joke in this neighborhood. And when you get close to the Crosstown, it’s paired with highway noise.

Crosstown near Nokomis

The streets end at the Crosstown (Hwy 62), where a grassy knoll seems to provide some highway sound abatement.

Fall Day in Nokomis

The neighborhood itself was looking great, with fall colors on display. Like a lot of Minneapolis, this neighborhood appears to have a 2nd generation street canopy after losing most of their elms.

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