Vikings Stadium Wilfare Queens Calling Fiscal Conservatives Cowards

What’s the deal with Vikings stadium welfare Wilfare queens calling opponents cowards? This has been a common tactic used by @savethevikesorg’s Cory Merrifield in the past, along with other vocal Wilfare queens.

For example, self-proclaimed conservative, Ben from Edina, doesn’t like having his stadium wilfare questioned, and seems take documented liar, Cory Merrifield, at his word about my cowardliness:

Ben from Edina on Cowards

I followed up with Ben from Edina about that:

Following up with @BenFromEdina

Ben’s response to that? Crickets.

Now, Vikings stadium Wilfare fans are taking their entitlement driven coward accusations to a whole new level by adding an ironic twist: Anonymous commenting coward claims:

Being Called a Coward by an Anonymous Commenter

What’s also interesting to note is that Cory Merrifield is, (How should I put this?) cowardly, not approving on-topic relevant comments regarding the Vikings stadium debate on his site,

A long-pending comment on

In this case, a commenter on named Lilfry2096 posted an open letter to Ramsey County arguing in favor of overriding the public’s right to vote on taxing themselves $350,000,000 (on top of what they’d pay in state taxes) to help pay for a 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills (with a stadium). Among Lilfry2096’s justifications was the complementary benefits of having a stadium next to the Hiawatha LRT, future St. Paul LRT line, North Star Rail, and Cedar Lake bike trail. Now, if someone’s going to use transit as a reason to justify a stadium’s location, building a stadium far away from transit with a 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills to accomodate 8 regular season home games per year.

So, I responded with the following comment:

It sounds like Lilfry2096 just made a case for why a new Vikings stadium should be built in downtown Minneapolis if it’s going to be built with public funds.

Which, apparently, has been too hot a comment for to handle. It’s his site, so he can do whatever he wants, but it sure is fun to point out discussions that Merrifield chooses to suppress.

It’s also interesting to note that all of Cory Merrifield’s comments on The Deets have been published.

Different strokes for different folks.

Update 1:

@SaveTheVikesOrg this ed kohler really is a piece of work

Update 2:

3 thoughts on “Vikings Stadium Wilfare Queens Calling Fiscal Conservatives Cowards”

  1. Ed, I understand that self-expression is the new entertainment and all that, but why are you engaging these guys in arguments? It seems so school yard to me. All the more so because you’re clearly arguing with some really, really deluded, emotional people that the Vikings organization have identified as useful idiots in their social media campaign.

    The Arden Hills stadium will not happen. Full stop. I think just about every sensible person realizes it, and I’ll be the first one to eat my Vikings hat if it somehow does. The MN GOP doesn’t seem to be behind it all, and I don’t think Governor Dayton is going to stake his legacy on forcing a stadium bill down the throats of Ramsey County taxpayers.

    I appreciate the level of candor and attention you’ve paid to this issue. Just don’t drag yourself down and engage in what my grandfather called an “ass-kicking contest”. Engaging in fights like this is a no win!

  2. So are any of Minnesota’s fiscally conservative bloggers doing any of the heavy lifting on this issue, or are they just giving it an occasional nod?

    I checked out True North, and the first post mentioned the Vikings fans, contrasting them with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in downtown Minneapolis today.

    With a stunning lack of irony, the writer ended with these lines:

    Moreover, they[the OWS protesters] present themselves like spoiled slackers who want someone else to pay for their debts, and someone else to work for them. Mixed and incoherent messages have plagued this uncozy alliance from day one.

    There had to be some serious class envy going on with protesters watching hoardes of Vikings fans happy to pay for a better Minnesota game with money they work hard to pay for.

  3. @Luke, thanks for the feedback. I find the politics of sports welfare as interesting as the sports themselves at times. I suppose it’s because it’s a game played with real money.

    I agree that the MN GOP doesn’t appear to be behind the Arden Hills plan, which would put a huge burden on a relatively small county, not take advantage of existing infrastructure, and rely upon hundreds of millions in public financing in a political climate that simply will not support that type of spending – even on things like bridges, roads, schools, higher education, and health care. But, the MN GOP is the party of the bill’s authors, and Cory Merrifield is an active MN GOP player in Scott County. There are plenty of MN GOP Wilfare connections, although the party’s leadership seems to be the exception, which is refreshing.

    I think your grandfather is onto something there. It reminds me of the following quote:

    “Never argue with a fool. They’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience?”

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