Documenting Another @savethevikesorg Cory Merrifield Lie

A month ago today, the documented liar, Cory Merrifield, decided to make stuff up about me on Twitter:

Cory Merrifield of @SaveTheVikesOrg Making Stuff Up

At that time, I made it as clear as I thought I could that I have NEVER suggested that Zygi is asking for $1 billion in Wilfare payments to support his private business. You know, the Vikings franchise. It’s a professional football franchise in the most profitable sports league in America. He’s asking the public to give him more money so he has more money.

So, I asked the documented liar, Cory Merrifield, to actually back up his statement:

Question for @SaveTheVikesOrg

And here we are a month later.

What Cory Merrifield lacks in facts, he makes up for with ad hominem attacks.

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