An Embarrassment to #Vikings Stadium Wilfare Queens

Ross at @norseforce40 sent this tweet my way:

@norseforce40 is angry

Which made me wonder: Wow, what did I say to him that made him so angry? This:

Tweeting to @norseforce40

And, what was I referring to in my tweet to @norseforce40? This:

@norseforce40 insulting Rochelle

Which made me wonder what @norseforce40 tweeted that led to him getting blocked by Rochelle Olson. Here’s a sampling of @norseforce40’s work:

@norseforce40 off his meds

This is the kind of stuff that makes me thing about the best case scenario for a new Vikings stadium deal:

1. Zygi gets serious, and gather up private financing to build his new stadium.

2. The Vikings stay in Minnesota, but send the current Wilfare queen fans to Los Angeles.

2 thoughts on “An Embarrassment to #Vikings Stadium Wilfare Queens”

  1. It looks like norseforce, according to his twitter page, lives in South Dakota. So he would be responsible for none of the taxes Zygi wants us to pay to fund his private empire.

  2. I kind of want to start a drinking game with his Twitter feed…one drink for every time he uses his five dollar word, “inept.”

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