@savethevikesorg’s Cory Merrifield Will Lie for Vikings Stadium Wilfare

I had a chance to attend the Ramsey County Charter Commission’s public hearing tonight in New Brighton, where the public had a chance to share their opinions on whether the charter commission should authorize a vote on an amendment to the county’s charter to specifically call for no public dollars (current, or through new taxes) be spent to fund NFL or MLB stadiums.

The short-term ramifications of this would be a potential hurdle and even road block in Zygi Wilf’s plans to build a 21,000 car parking lot with stadium in Arden Hills. The hurdle being the delays caused by the vote. The road block being the likelihood of the public wisely voting in favor of denying NFL and MLB public funding.

A handful of Vikings Wilfare supporters showed up to speak in favor of denying Ramsey County residents the right to vote on whether their tax dollars should be used to support private professional sports entertainment. They were severely outnumbered by Ramsey County residents, people on fixed incomes, and people who understand that the current proposal for a Vikings stadium in Ramsey County is a bad investment for Ramsey County.

Here is a look at the crowd:

Ramsey County Charter Commission Meeting

Now, here’s a funny thing about Cory Merrifield that was reinforced for me tonight: The dude will make up blatant lies. As in, no grey area. Just straight up lies out of thin air. Here is an example.

I took the picture posted above at 7:04:19 PM. You can verify that here by typing in this URL:

I then tweeted that image with a comment at 7:07 PM, which can be verified by mousing over the date stamp on Twitter, like this:

Tweet of the Image

Coincidentally, Cory Merrifield appeared to realize that I was there a bit after that, based on this tweet that he sent at 7:19 PM:

Cory Merrifield Realizes that I'm there.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but 7:19 comes after 7:07 by 12 minutes.

Which brings us to this tweet from Cory Merrifield at 8:09 PM:

Cory Merrifield's Revisionist History

The real deal here is that I stood where I stood because it gave the best view of the speakers. It’s also where the TV cameras were posted. The photos I took were taken from between two of the local TV station’s cameras. Put another way, I was standing at that location far before Cory Merrifield tweeted to his stadium welfare buddies who drove in from all over the metro to attempt to get Ramsey County to ignore its own charter in order to give Wilf the Wilfare he’s looking for.

But, it gets better. Cory Merrifield also tweeted this:

I'm a trust fund baby?

Mom & Dad, is there something that you haven’t been telling me? Does Cory Merrifield know something that I don’t know about my family’s financial situation?

Sadly, some of Cory Merrifield’s followers were gullible enough to take Cory Merrifield at his word. Among them were Todd Glocke (@vikebike) and Brian Svendsen (@Svendsen2107). They actually believed Cory Merrifield’s complete and total BS enough to retweet it to their followers.

Joel Ives from Prince Edward Island, who I had a chance to drink some beer with in Edmonton last weekend, chimed in with his take on my trust fund status:

Joel Ives on Trust Fund Status

It really comes down to this: How can we trust Cory Merrifield when it’s so clear that the guy is willing to blatantly make stuff up? If we can’t trust Cory Merrifield on really simple things like my trust fund status, why should we trust his opinions on things like plans to give $650,000,000 in public welfare to a private company?

As Ronald Reagan often said, “Trust, but verify”. That was Cory Merrifield’s downfall tonight.

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  1. Cory blocked me on Twitter months ago after I called him out for being a registered lobbyists. I tried to point out he’s not really grassroots then. He refused to admit he was a lobbyist, seemed a little sensitive about it, even though it’s public information.

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