Vikings Threaten to Leave Minneapolis for Los Angeles in 100 Days

Doug Grow has a nice round-up at MinnPost of the opinions from people involved in previous stadium welfare negotiations regarding the current Vikings stadium Wilfare proposal on the table to build 21,000 parking places (and a stadium) in Arden Hills with $650,000,000 of the public’s money.

The general sentiment is that the Vikings will stick around at the Dome for now, and may possibly end up in a new stadium in downtown Minneapolis sometime in the future.

However, one thing that stood out in the article to me was the discounting of the threats the Vikings have been making:

They also discount any implied threat that the team might leave if a new stadium isn’t been approved in the next few months.

“To their everlasting credit, they have never said they are leaving if a deal isn’t done,” said [Sports Facilities Commissioner Paul] Thatcher. “But there’s this implication that the moving vans are parked just down the block from the Metrodome because their lease is up [at the end of the current season].”

How am I supposed to reconcile that with this tweet from the official Minnesota Vikings stadium lobbying Twitter account, @MNMomentum:

@MNMomentum Retweeting 100 Day Countdown to Los Angeles Tweet

Perhaps they’ll claim that THEY didn’t say that. They were just retweeting the desperate threats of @savethvikesorg’s Cory Merrifield on the official Minnesota Vikings owned and operated Twitter account?

Did @mnmomentum ignore Merrifield’s tweet? No. Instead, they retweeted it in what surely can be viewed as an endorsement.

Or, what should I make of this desperate plea that was retweeted by the official Minnesota Vikings stadium welfare lobbying Twitter account:

@MNmomentum retweeting @Vikebike's plea

While it may be true that Lester Bagley has never officially said that the team is leaving is we don’t meet Zygi Wilf’s welfare demands, quickly, that the Vikings will pack up a purple U-Haul and head west, the social media PR behavior of the organization tells a different story.

To me, it sure looks like the Vikings are leveraging and fanning the fear of fans to extract $650,000,000 out of the public.

8 thoughts on “Vikings Threaten to Leave Minneapolis for Los Angeles in 100 Days”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your coverage of this issue. It’s really been enlightening to read the insights of someone who is following this issue so closely.

  2. You seem to be open to interpreting a lot from a tweet, Ed. What authority does MNMomentun have on the future home of the Vikings? I’m still thinking the Wilf will not move the team. He’ll just sell the team to somebody who will. Maybe Rush Limbaugh.

  3. @Rat, it’s not exactly a secret that Los Angeles, after losing at least three teams over the years, wants to bring in another one that they can eventually lose. Perhaps they’ll bring back a team they’ve previously lost (Chargers, Raiders, Rams) so they can lose the same team twice?

    Either way, that’s beyond our control. What is in our control is our own checkbook, which we should use wisely, which means we shouldn’t open it up to provide Wilfare to a guy from New Jersey when the public has much greater public needs than heavily subsidized sports entertainment.

  4. Liberals and their redistribution of wealth antics are to blame. We are cancelling our subscription to the Star Tribune, as they are behind much of the negative spin on the Vikings. They will only hurt themselves when noone buys their paper and noone wants to buy advertising.

  5. @Jimmy, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Vikings stadium proposal a plan to redistribute wealth from everyone who pays sales taxes – including the poorest among us – to the benefit of an out of state business owner, Zygi Wilf, and Minnesota Vikings season ticket holders?

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