Jim Bratz = Josh Hewitt: A Militant Zygi Wilf Welfare Supporter #vikings

The more I look at Vikings stadium welfare supporters, the more I see a grassroots coalition of fake Twitter accounts.

For example, doesn’t it seem kind of strange that @VIKESSTADIUM protected his tweets at the same time “Jim Bratz” started defending @VIKESSTADIUM in the comments of this blog?

Perhaps that’s because @VIKESSTADIUM is “Jim Bratz“, who is “fan advocate” Josh Hewitt (and also appears to be @DubbsTravel & Jeremy Woods on Twitter).

Josh Hewitt has a history of setting up fake Twitter accounts to help lobby for welfare payments to Zygi Wilf.

Considering that Josh Hewitt and Cory Merrifield have both recently accused me of making stuff up about the Vikings, yet failed to provide evidence when requested, I figured that it’s important to provide evidence that “Jim Bratz” is Josh Hewitt. Here’s what I’ve got.

“Jim Bratz” comments on The Deets from the IP address, which appears to be from someone using a RoadRunner internet connection in Wisconsin.

If I Google that IP address, Google brings up a forum post written by a guy named Josh:

Jim Bratz / Josh Hewitt IP Address

Clicking the link to Josh’s name reveals the following email address:


Josh M. Hewitt

This is the same Josh Hewitt that peppers politicians on Facebook and Twitter, claiming that they somehow won’t get reelected if they don’t give hundreds of millions of dollars of welfare to Zygi Wilf so Hewitt can one day watch the Vikings play football in a new stadium:

Blaming Legislators for Not Supporting Corporate Welfare

This is the same Josh Hewitt that @savethevikesorg’s Cory Merrifield endorses.

@SaveTheVikesOrg Defends Josh Hewitt

To get a sense for how pathetically militant Save the Vikings fans like Josh Hewitt are, check out this example:

Josh Hewitt Retweeting Himself

That’s Josh Hewitt retweeting a tweet about me that he first posted to @DubbsTravels then retweeted via @VIKESSTADIUM.

At the same time, @DubbsTravels started tweeting from an account called @MNState0fHockey:

@MNState0fHockey Retweeted by @DubbsTravels

That particular account was banned from Twitter’s search results due to Josh Hewitt’s offensiveness.

Actually, a whole bunch of Twitter accounts started retweeting each other around the same time:

@ResponsibleWI Retweets

Could that all be coming from the same Josh Hewitt? Check out the content of the forum post where I tied Josh’s IP address to Deets commenter, “Jim Bratz”. Look at what he posted:

Josh Hewitt and mnhockeycentral

Looks like when Josh isn’t busy creating fake grassroots Vikings welfare promotional accounts, he’s setting up marginal sports news sites.

One may ask, are you sure this is the same guy? It seems like he’s both in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Well, normally I don’t run background checks on commenters, but in this case, I made an exception. Here is where he’s lived:

Joshua Micheal Hewitt

He’s an Eden Prairie High School grad who appears to be running his fake grassroots social media spamming campaigns from somewhere near Milwaukee.

A second look at now non-anonymous tweets

Now that we know who “Jim Bratz” is, it’s interesting to see what we can learn from re-reading his tweets on The Deets. For example, here’s a gem from my post titled: “Josh Hewitt Uses Fake Twitter Account to Defend @SaveTheVikesOrg”. Jim Bratz’s comment:

So is he a member of SaveTheVikes or is he just a fan? Sounds like you’re making a pretty big assumption that he is a member of SaveTheVikes.

My assumption is based on reading Josh Hewitt’s @VIKESSTADIUM twitter account bio:

Josh Hewitt @VIKESSTADIUM on Twitter

So, Josh, are you going to continue to create more and more fake Twitter accounts in order to create the illusion of a grassroots organization in favor of welfare for Zygi Wilf?

10 thoughts on “Jim Bratz = Josh Hewitt: A Militant Zygi Wilf Welfare Supporter #vikings”

  1. @veg*nation, ha, so true.

    Hmm, seems like Jim Bratz and his multiple Vikings stadium welfare astroturfing personalities are a lot quieter now. Perhaps Josh Hewitt will go back to promoting $600 million in Wilfare under his own name?

  2. English must not be the primary language of Mr. Hewitt. The word “fan” can be derived from many different terms but most people who call themselves “fans” are not “fanatical” about watching a football team. If this were the case rioting would be a regular event after each play and/or game and jails would be filled with purple and gold wearing people who had been pinched for defending their team’s honor by punching out an opposing team’s supporter.

    Therefore I would say that 99% of the people that call themselves “fans” are actually fanciers of the sport of football or the MN Vikings. Meaning they like the Vikings and enjoy watching them play, but are able to control their thoughts and emotions while doing it.

  3. This guy spends hours holding out his virtual coffee can begging lawmakers to fill it with millions and millions of taxpayers dollars so that he can hand it over to Zygi Wilf and hopefully be able to kiss his ring… Which ring you might ask? Well obviously it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl ring, but any old ring would do for this loser.

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