Sid Hartman’s Take on Amy Koch Providing Welfare to Zygi Wilf

Sid Hartman raised an interesting challenge to Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch in a recent column:

I suggest Koch check with her Buffalo constituents on how she would fare in a future election if the Vikings, who are in the last year of their Metrodome lease, decide to move to Los Angeles or some other place if they can’t finalize this deal.

I would like to second Sid’s challenge. As far as I can tell, no politician has ever lost their political seat due to turning down public subsidies for private entertainment. While it’s possible that Koch could face a tough reelection should she not agree to give welfare queen Zygi Wilf more than $600 million in public subsidies of his private business, I doubt that she’d lose an election over that deal.


Because Koch’s district voted for her to be fiscally conservative, which means saying no to unnecessary spending. Koch’s #1 campaign issue was:

TAXES AND SPENDING — Amy is a solid fiscal conservative who knows that just like families and businesses, state government must live within its means. Amy is for lower taxes and smaller more efficient government.


Koch’s actions show that she has stayed true to her word. When asked at the State Fair about her first time meeting Zygi Wilf, she reponded that she didn’t think she had, due to more pressing state priorities:

In April, with the Legislature in session, Wilf also made a widely reported visit to the State Capitol to meet with legislators and held a news conference with Sen. Doug Magnus, R-Slayton, a co-author of the Vikings’ stadium legislation.

Koch said she didn’t meet with him that day because the state’s budget deficit was more pressing.

Because Koch could argue that Zygi Wilf was perfectly capable of raising money privately for a new Vikings stadium. Or, if people told her that Wilf couldn’t raise the money privately, she could respond saying that it must not have been a good investment.

Because Koch could argue that Zygi Wilf already had a perfectly usable stadium in the heart of downtown Minneapolis with access to transit, parking, hotels, and restaurants.

Because Koch just borrowed money from our schools and our future to balance the state’s budge, which makes it darn clear to anyone but Sid Hartman that spending public money on private entertainment is fiscally irresponsible.

Does Sid read his own paper?

4 thoughts on “Sid Hartman’s Take on Amy Koch Providing Welfare to Zygi Wilf”

  1. @b, do you see the irony in calling people cowards while posting anonymously? Does calling people cowards help you convince the public to meet Zygi Wilf’s $650,000,000 in Wilfare demands?

  2. Let me guess–‘b’ is Ben Macken, aka @benfrommedina…does he actually now live in Milwaukee like the last hardcore viking superfan who was employed to comment on every local blog to defend spending public money on wilfare?

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