Putting Welfare Queen Zygi Wilf’s Compromise Into Perspective

Last week, Zygi Wilf announced that he was willing to kick an additional $13 million toward the cost of building a new stadium for his private business way out in Arden Hills, away from hotels, restaurants, existing parking facilities, and transit.

I figured that it would be worth putting this “generous” contribution into perspective. Below is a chart showing a breakdown of the Zygi Wilf’s private business’ contribution to the stadium costs together with the share of welfare he’s asking for to make up the difference.

Zygi Wilf's Welfare Queen Proposal

The stacked bars on the left show the combination of Wilf and “Wilfare” proposed in the past. The stacked bars on the right show how much has changed now that Zygi has sweetened the deal.

Now, one may look at those two stacked bars and say, “they look the same to me.” In a sense, the are. For example, if you were trying to buying something that cost $1,000 and you only offered to pay $407, people would rightfully give you the stink eye. If you then made a big announcement that you came up with an additional 13 bucks, you’d still get the stink eye. Add six zeros to all of those figures, and you can see why Zygi Wilf’s current Vikings stadium proposal deserves the stink eye.

Update: The difference between those two bars is pretty difficult to discern with the naked eye. Here is an other attempt at visualizing Zygi’s deal sweetener. In this case, I’ve broken out his $13 million sweetener in red:

Zygi Wilf's Deal Sweetener in Red

While that may not look like much progress, given enough time, small deal sweeteners from Wilf could really add up. For example, if Zygi was able to find $13 million each month to add to his side of the deal, he could pay for the stadium with no public subsidies in around 5 years. That sounds like a good deal to me.

2 thoughts on “Putting Welfare Queen Zygi Wilf’s Compromise Into Perspective”

  1. I was born in Kansas. My ancestors came from Scotland. Ziggy Wilf is from New Jersey. Not a single player on the Viking’s 93 man roster is from Minnesota. The team plays most of it’s games all around the country.

    What difference does it make to me where the team claims it’s from?

    I have already helped pay for 3 major league stadiums at which I have never watched a game. Let some other gullible community fund Ziggy’s multimillion dollar empire. I’ll use my dollars to upgrade my cable or find another form of entertainment within my means.

  2. If Mr Wilf was really serious about building a new stadium and serious about public funding he could have shown it by hiring a high profile coach like Schottenheimer, Cowher, Grueden, etc. Instead, he named Frazier as his head coach, who had been turned down by other teams numerous times.

    He also should have looked for a decent QB, not a has been like McNabb who had been dumped by other teams. I made this comment prior to the naming of the new coach and hiring of McNabb.

    I would think it will be real hard to get much public support for a losing team.

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