The Dome is Home! A Reality Based Vikings Fan

Today’s news that Zygi Wilf’s plans to pillage convention center business from St. Paul and Minneapolis’ existing convention centers isn’t going to help him win support from urban politicians, hotel, restaurant, and other convention related businesses. It’s almost as if the guy is trying to poison his own proposal with stuff like this.

Why would we offer tax subsidies to a guy in New Jersey to pillage convention center business?

Now, back to the stadium itself, a commenter named sawpuppet did an excellent job reinforcing what all but welfare queen, Zygi Wilf, and his most diehard welfare supporters like Cory Merrifield understand: We have a newly refurbished stadium in downtown, on the light rail, near hotels, with a roof, that works quite well for the Vikings, concerts, high school and college sports, and many other events:

The Vikes already HAVE a stadium. ALREADY BUILT! With a new roof and turf and convenient to mass transit for those concerned about ‘green’ issues. The state is broke and families are needing to ‘make due’ all over this country. Let the owner ‘make due’ or pay for it all himself if it is such a necessary and money-making venture. He isn’t moving the team anywhere. And by the way, the LA stadium is 100% privately funded. Join me at the dome to root on the Vikes and bring a playoff game there in January. Dome is Home! With the new roof and new turf on the light rail. Go Vikes!

I dig that. “sawpuppet” understands that it’s about the game and who you’re with that really matters. Somehow, a small segment have Vikings fans have lost sight of this, and have become more obsessed with where the team plays than how.

Surely, there must be a way for Zygi Wilf to run a profitable football franchise in a market as large as the Twin Cities without hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies. Perhaps he should call upon the local businesses interested in stadium suites to kick in some cash? Perhaps the welfare queen supporters at could switch their focus to private funding opportunities? Or, maybe the Vikings will come to the conclusion that The Dome is Home, then start focusing on winning games?

3 thoughts on “The Dome is Home! A Reality Based Vikings Fan”

  1. I agree with everything except that it works well for concerts. The acoustics in that venue are absolutely terrible–even for football but who listens to announcers when they’re at the game anyway?

    However, for concerts it’s a no-go. Sorry.

  2. They don’t. I was just at a game last weekend. It was worse than before although I was closer to the field instead of in the nosebleeds as I had been before so it’s possible it’s unchanged depending on where you sit but it’s certainly no better.

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